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302nd Balloon Sculpture, Large Snowman Globe


Well folks, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve!

This design is something that has been going around the internet. People are making small balloon snowmen filled with Hershey Kisses or other candies or goodies. I personally don’t like the thought of mixing edible things and balloons, lol. And people are doing the standard but always fun and impressive balloons inside a big balloon. I decided I like that approach.

It is really fun to shake to a balloon that has other balloons inside. Fun balloon snow-globe for sure!

I made this to be about 4 ft tall.

Some people make two loop twists on the bottom, some put a 6 or 7 flower petal flower on the bottom, and some put like me- a 4 balloon base. I am sure you could put a small snowman globe on a wand and that that would be awesome too.

Here is a YouTube video that teaches you how to stuff balloons inside of other balloons.

Here are pictures of what I came up with, hope you enjoy. 🙂

balloon 006

A couple awesome ladies, Debby and Barb give a great perspective of just how big this thing is,lol.

balloon 010








301st Balloon Sculpture, Giant Poinsettia Wreath

301st Balloon Sculpture, Giant Poinsettia Wreath

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I have been super busy with the Holiday craziness but I am ready to get back into the swing or should I say “Twist” of things? 🙂

If you guys are on Facebook, you really need to join in the Balloon Art Org group, It is a closed group and you have to be accepted, but it is an awesome group. People are very inspirational and supportive. It is a giant show and tell and people will even be so generous as to share their how-to’s for things.

I learned how to make this wreath via a lady named Lusya Garakhanyan, say that five times fast,lol, because she was so generous and shared it with the Balloon Art Org group.

This was my first go at it, and I need to practice my proportions and such with this but I loved learning how to make it and it is so different and is a really fascinating structural design. I added a white bow at the top.

Pictures of my replication below.

balloon 018

My daughter is totally channeling Cindy-Lou Who,lol.





299nth and 300nth Balloon Sculptures, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie


I was greatly inspired by Michael Floyd’s a.k.a. Balloon Animals video where he makes an awesome Pinkie Pie. He doesn’t walk you through how to make it, rather he just shows chopped clips of him making it. It is part of his Balloon ! Win ! Fail ! series where he sees if he can make a certain thing to people’s liking.

I loved it! He certainly won big time in my opinion. I was able to figure out how he made it just by looking at the video and I decided to make a huge version of it, 3 ft tall to be exact. I love the style of head especially.

I also made a Rainbow Dash since I had the balloons for it and a friend of mine named Jessi loves Rainbow Dash. I gave it to her as a Christmas present and I gave the Pinkie Pie to her daughter.

They loved it because if I do say so myself, THEY ARE AWESOME!

The great thing about the awesome way Michael does the head is that you can make any character you want. With the ride inside ponies you are limited to white, red and pink.

I can’t wait till I get some yellow 646’s so that I can make Fluttershy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are my favorites! I will be making them all for sure!

balloon 079

balloon 042

balloon 106


balloon 119

My daughter is sooo cute! She was sooo excited about these balloons, which she is so used to them now so that is a big deal.

balloon 129

balloon 130

My favorite Brony. 🙂 My husband says he is not a Brony, just a good dad,lol.

balloon 124



298th Balloon Sculpture, Chip and Dale Chipmunks


I came across Changsunny on Youtube and I can tell that I will be reviewing her a lot! She has some amazing designs!

I think her Chip and Dale chipmunks are particularly well done. link to her tutorial here=

I added some Christmas hats on them and gave them to a friend of mine named Sondra. She is an entrepreneur too and owns a vintage clothing store called Collective Clothing, She also opened a second store CC store recently. We had a lot of silly fun with them while doing lunch at a diner.

These Chipmunks actually don’t take took long to make and I made a few while making balloons a.k.a. line-work for kiddos last night while at Earth Fare. 🙂 I just slightly altered the ears by making them loop twists  and I made the hands with loop twists. I need to practice making the cheeks smaller,lol. I also need to practice drawing the eyes.

These are a huge hit with people, no matter how much drawing or cheek proportion practice you need,lol. The waitress at the diner me and Sondra were at said that we could leave the balloons as tip and she wouldn’t mind. Sondra still kept the balloons,lol. If I had balloons with me I would have made her one, and still left a money tip. 🙂


balloon 040

balloon 045

balloon 047

balloon 056

balloon 039

297th Balloon Sculpture, Jumbo Dog


I was recently hired to make a jumbo 6ft tall balloon dog for a pet bakery called 12 PAWS.

12 PAWS also let NOOGA PAWS use it as well.

I learned how to make the dog face and or Mask from Nifty Balloons from their Masks series, which can be purchased for 35 dollars here,

I learned how to make the body via Nifty Balloons Jumbo’s series which can be purchased for 50 dollars here,

There isn’t a dog jumbo, but I adapted the principles I learned to make for one.

It was a huge hit with all and apparently it may cause a dog fight over who keeps it,lol.

I added a Santa Hat to it later as you will see in pics below. 🙂

balloon 042  balloon 052

296th Balloon Sculpture, Sage Snowflake


My good friend Sage has made an awesome Snowflake design and has made his first YouTube tutorial.

I love the design and he does a great job teaching how to make it. I found that doing the 4 finger spread was hard for me to do consistently, for whatever reason it just didn’t work for me- but I found that making a fist and then extending my thumb out was the same measurement and was easier for me to do to get consistent results.

I also added a little bubble in the center.

Here is the link to his free YouTube tutorial for it=

My replication below of his Snowflake below. So proud of you Sage! Keep it up!

balloon 008


295th Sculpture, Arch Version 2 and Balloon Winter Wonderland


Okay so this time I am going to finish with the pictures of the whole room that I decorated. It is my largest project to date. This is a huge classroom that I decorated, simply huge!

I went over the Snowflakes, the Penguins, and the Snowman in previous posts.

Now it is time to go over the arch and see the room as a whole.

I made another red and white candy cane swirl arch but this time I made sure the swirls came together in the center. This brings the focus of the eye to the center. I also made a huge teddy bear using the lime green quick links that David Brenion gave to me when I won the Atlanta TJAM Whatever You Can Fit Through The Door Contest for my balloon Dalek costume. I also made another wheat weave wreath only altered how I decorated the top of it.

This time I had an electric pump to blow up all the round balloons. OMG it is like butter! The time it saves is just unreal.

I put some candy canes in with the bear and it just looked awesome.

Below are pictures and this time of the whole room. Hope you like the Balloon Winter Wonderland I made. 🙂 I made it for a contest and so it is all a donation and I am still waiting to hear on results! Ug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it all by myself in 2 two days. It was a ton of work. This was the happiest I have ever been making balloons. I really want to specialize in décor and eventually become a décor only business. I love filling up huge spaces with balloons. I love making super big things.

In the YouTube video, you will see that I originally was playing around with having Happy Holidays in balloon letters as the center detail under the arch but then I changed my mind and took it off and put the bear there.







I also made another Jumbo Santa and Christmas Tree.