290th Balloon Sculpture, Witch Mask


This might seem strange timing, but I realize now that I forgot to post about the Nifty Balloons Witch mask I made for Halloween season,lol.

Nifty Balloons has an awesome mask tutorial bundle with 14 designs for $35.00 that can be purchased here= http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=57&osCsid=9d2f1c60c456c4870f8c47ed0266d72d

Their tutorials are top notch and have the highest productions values I have seen yet. They are very clear and the steps are way approachable save for you may need practice making sidewall bubbles. What I really love about these is that once you learn the foundations structure it really opens up all kinds of possibilities. These are sooo much fun to make and get a very excited reception from people.

I made their Witch with broom accessory and it was a huge hit! I also made a little black cat accessory. My sister-in-law wore it as her costume for Halloween.




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