286th, 287th, 288th balloon scuptures: Jumbo Santa, Christmas Tree, Arch

286th, 287th, 288th balloon scuptures: Jumbo Santa, Christmas Tree, Arch

Well folks, I made my first arch and got to make a proper Christmas explosion.

I assembled my bases and poles on my own and am no longer afraid of hardware or parts. I had a friend of mine walk me through Home Depot and explain all kinds of different handy things and he has a great engineering mind and also gave me great ideas. It was a tremendous help to me and I was able assemble everything on my own as a result of it. I am no longer intimidated with those sorts of things.

I had been asked to make some balloon decorations for a Christmas Shopping Market at this mansion called Heritage House. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do. I was able to make that vision a reality and am soooo excited!

I learned how to make the Jumbo Santa body thanks to Nifty Balloons Jumbo’s tutorial, which is $50.00 = http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=62&osCsid=0f44c72080a584f2e74a6880562bc5ee.

For the Santa head though you have to know how to make the Santa Mask and that is via a separate tutorial entitled Masks for $35.00 at the same site.

I made some added touches. A friend of mine named Chris suggested I add some white trim to him and so I did. I added a white piece right down the middle to the belt and also a white strip right under the black belt. I also added some white trim on the top of the boots.

I did not have 16 inch balloons for the base and so added a fourth layer of lime green and regular green.

This was my first time working with a 3ft balloon. It took forever to inflate! I am investing in an electric pump soon!

As for the tree, I simply Googled balloon Christmas tree and came across a picture made by SDSU Flowers. I used it as a reference and just sized them differently on each layer after the first 2. I decided to go with only white and red balloon ornaments as I wanted it to be in harmony with the color scheme I had going on which was white and red focused. I did keep and use the idea of using a Mylar gold star at the top.

Here is a picture of their tree.


And now for the arch.

I was inspired by this balloon artist named Lily Tan of Myairtitude. She has some really cute reindeer. I looked at a picture of one she had made and made my own version. Here is her Myairtitude Fan Club Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Myairtitude. I made some modifications to the reindeer by making the antlers dark brown and the way I do the hooves are totally different. I also added eyebrows and just other slight nuances that have to do with proportions.

The things she does with arches are where I am headed. That is my ultimate goal. She is living the dream and I want to make arches like her.

I made a candy cane swirl with red and white balloons for the arch and made a Rudolph and a generic Reindeer with a wheat weave wreath in the middle.

Talk about a huge hit! This has been my biggest project to date and is my favorite one at that. This is what I want to do most! Big explosions of balloon happiness. I want to do big decoration and display projects! That’s where I am most passionate!

Here is my YouTube video for it.

Forgive me as I have been playing around how to put my name on my pictures,lol.










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  1. Lol whilst looking at these pictures on my phone, the reindeer keep appearing to have big walrus tusks where their bodies should be.

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