283rd, 284th, and 285th Balloon Sculptures: Slimer, Ghost Getter, and Proton Pack


I meant to post this a long time ago as this was made back the week before Halloween,lol.

I had ordered Dylan Gelinas’ Slimer tutorial, which can be purchased for $13 dollars here=http://slightlytwistedballoons.com/store.html, but didn’t use the PayPal option and when you don’t pay through PayPal it isn’t on an automatic send out, he has to send it manually. It took longer to receive as a result. I was used to getting things the same day that I ordered them, this didn’t come for a few days. Everything worked out in the end but unfortunately I didn’t get the tutorial in time for this display I wanted to make at EarthFare for my October month gig there.

I looked at a picture of his Slimer and did my best to replicate adding my own touches. I plan on making his version later in a different post.

I made Nifty Balloons’ Proton Pack which comes in a bundle of tutorials called Backpacks, which can be purchased for $35.00 here, http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=65&osCsid=5108d9d088e44184ba5cc1e01d68b81d. My blue 160 spiral popped and I didn’t have any more 160’s with me on site so I had to use a blue 260 on the proton pack, the part that shoots out.

As for the “Ghost Getter” I made, I figured out how to make a face Niko Fric style. I followed the steps he has on his website, http://www.nikoloon.com/school.html. I do not have a nikoloon system and had to wing it and be resourceful with around the house materials. This was super tricky, I popped a few heads and had to play around with proportions as a couple heads I had to abandon simply because of how they came out. I stuck with it though and am very happy with the results. I tried to fashion it after Dan Aykroyd some.

I put the proton pack on the Ghost Getter of course.

So here are pictures of a Ghost Getter scene I made with these three components.

I made this display to just be enjoyed.







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