282nd Balloon Sculptures, Giraffe, Elephant and Gator Baby Shower Centerpieces


I was recently hired to make some baby shower centerpieces. It was requested that I make Giraffe, Elephant and Gator centerpieces, 2 of each, with the color scheme of light blue, orange and lime green.

A friend of mine named Patricia Bunnell shared a picture and a “how to” picture tutorial of her Gator design on Balloon Art org Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/384632568286077/.

It is a closed group so you will need to send a request to get in.

I altered it a little bit and did the eyes differently as well as leaving out a process for the nose area.

I added a baby bottle accessory.

The giraffe is an iancarlo4 design I learned from Youtube and I added a pacifier accessory.

The elephant is an altered David Brenion design and I added a baby rattle accessory to it. I made a bigger version but learned it from his More Rounds & Hearts tutorial. You can purchase it here for $35. http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=73&osCsid=79dd3a784ee94a780c00e3276b63e03f

There is a trick to the trunk to make it an S that I still need to practice and have not gotten a handle on it, I think it is because it comes out so much smaller that way and I want a bigger trunk. Getting the S period though is still tricky.

I wanted the three animal pieces to be uniform and yet stand out some. I made it so that the middle balloons were all different and had coordinating balloon curls. I still used the same 3 colors but I put a different focus on each.

They were a huge huge hit and I was super excited because decorations are more of my passion and my vision and goal.

Here are pictures!









baby shower 2

baby shower



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