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290th Balloon Sculpture, Witch Mask


This might seem strange timing, but I realize now that I forgot to post about the Nifty Balloons Witch mask I made for Halloween season,lol.

Nifty Balloons has an awesome mask tutorial bundle with 14 designs for $35.00 that can be purchased here=

Their tutorials are top notch and have the highest productions values I have seen yet. They are very clear and the steps are way approachable save for you may need practice making sidewall bubbles. What I really love about these is that once you learn the foundations structure it really opens up all kinds of possibilities. These are sooo much fun to make and get a very excited reception from people.

I made their Witch with broom accessory and it was a huge hit! I also made a little black cat accessory. My sister-in-law wore it as her costume for Halloween.



289nth Balloon Sculpture, Lollipop with Gumdrops


I was hired for a birthday party recently and I always like to make the birthday child something extra special. The mother requested a lollipop.

I went online and checked out Pinterest to get a reference.

I found this,, and loved it and decided to make my own version.

Glue dots are your friend when making these let me just tell you,lol.

I had some plastic that one would use for gift baskets and used it and it was a pain but makes such an awesome outcome to make for that realistic lollipop look. It is worth it.

I don’t know if I am the first to do this or not but I made gumdrops out of the mushroom technique. I noticed when first making balloon mushrooms and or Goomba’s that they would also make awesome gumdrops. I added the gumdrops on it to give it a more balanced and fuller effect. See this post as reference,

Here is what I came up with and my design. I played around with gumdrop placement. I ended up using the gumdrops on sticks on each side of lollipop.

This one that I made stands at exactly 4 ft. tall.

It was a huge hit!




286th, 287th, 288th balloon scuptures: Jumbo Santa, Christmas Tree, Arch

286th, 287th, 288th balloon scuptures: Jumbo Santa, Christmas Tree, Arch

Well folks, I made my first arch and got to make a proper Christmas explosion.

I assembled my bases and poles on my own and am no longer afraid of hardware or parts. I had a friend of mine walk me through Home Depot and explain all kinds of different handy things and he has a great engineering mind and also gave me great ideas. It was a tremendous help to me and I was able assemble everything on my own as a result of it. I am no longer intimidated with those sorts of things.

I had been asked to make some balloon decorations for a Christmas Shopping Market at this mansion called Heritage House. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do. I was able to make that vision a reality and am soooo excited!

I learned how to make the Jumbo Santa body thanks to Nifty Balloons Jumbo’s tutorial, which is $50.00 =

For the Santa head though you have to know how to make the Santa Mask and that is via a separate tutorial entitled Masks for $35.00 at the same site.

I made some added touches. A friend of mine named Chris suggested I add some white trim to him and so I did. I added a white piece right down the middle to the belt and also a white strip right under the black belt. I also added some white trim on the top of the boots.

I did not have 16 inch balloons for the base and so added a fourth layer of lime green and regular green.

This was my first time working with a 3ft balloon. It took forever to inflate! I am investing in an electric pump soon!

As for the tree, I simply Googled balloon Christmas tree and came across a picture made by SDSU Flowers. I used it as a reference and just sized them differently on each layer after the first 2. I decided to go with only white and red balloon ornaments as I wanted it to be in harmony with the color scheme I had going on which was white and red focused. I did keep and use the idea of using a Mylar gold star at the top.

Here is a picture of their tree.


And now for the arch.

I was inspired by this balloon artist named Lily Tan of Myairtitude. She has some really cute reindeer. I looked at a picture of one she had made and made my own version. Here is her Myairtitude Fan Club Facebook page, I made some modifications to the reindeer by making the antlers dark brown and the way I do the hooves are totally different. I also added eyebrows and just other slight nuances that have to do with proportions.

The things she does with arches are where I am headed. That is my ultimate goal. She is living the dream and I want to make arches like her.

I made a candy cane swirl with red and white balloons for the arch and made a Rudolph and a generic Reindeer with a wheat weave wreath in the middle.

Talk about a huge hit! This has been my biggest project to date and is my favorite one at that. This is what I want to do most! Big explosions of balloon happiness. I want to do big decoration and display projects! That’s where I am most passionate!

Here is my YouTube video for it.

Forgive me as I have been playing around how to put my name on my pictures,lol.









283rd, 284th, and 285th Balloon Sculptures: Slimer, Ghost Getter, and Proton Pack


I meant to post this a long time ago as this was made back the week before Halloween,lol.

I had ordered Dylan Gelinas’ Slimer tutorial, which can be purchased for $13 dollars here=, but didn’t use the PayPal option and when you don’t pay through PayPal it isn’t on an automatic send out, he has to send it manually. It took longer to receive as a result. I was used to getting things the same day that I ordered them, this didn’t come for a few days. Everything worked out in the end but unfortunately I didn’t get the tutorial in time for this display I wanted to make at EarthFare for my October month gig there.

I looked at a picture of his Slimer and did my best to replicate adding my own touches. I plan on making his version later in a different post.

I made Nifty Balloons’ Proton Pack which comes in a bundle of tutorials called Backpacks, which can be purchased for $35.00 here, My blue 160 spiral popped and I didn’t have any more 160’s with me on site so I had to use a blue 260 on the proton pack, the part that shoots out.

As for the “Ghost Getter” I made, I figured out how to make a face Niko Fric style. I followed the steps he has on his website, I do not have a nikoloon system and had to wing it and be resourceful with around the house materials. This was super tricky, I popped a few heads and had to play around with proportions as a couple heads I had to abandon simply because of how they came out. I stuck with it though and am very happy with the results. I tried to fashion it after Dan Aykroyd some.

I put the proton pack on the Ghost Getter of course.

So here are pictures of a Ghost Getter scene I made with these three components.

I made this display to just be enjoyed.






282nd Balloon Sculptures, Giraffe, Elephant and Gator Baby Shower Centerpieces


I was recently hired to make some baby shower centerpieces. It was requested that I make Giraffe, Elephant and Gator centerpieces, 2 of each, with the color scheme of light blue, orange and lime green.

A friend of mine named Patricia Bunnell shared a picture and a “how to” picture tutorial of her Gator design on Balloon Art org Facebook page,

It is a closed group so you will need to send a request to get in.

I altered it a little bit and did the eyes differently as well as leaving out a process for the nose area.

I added a baby bottle accessory.

The giraffe is an iancarlo4 design I learned from Youtube and I added a pacifier accessory.

The elephant is an altered David Brenion design and I added a baby rattle accessory to it. I made a bigger version but learned it from his More Rounds & Hearts tutorial. You can purchase it here for $35.

There is a trick to the trunk to make it an S that I still need to practice and have not gotten a handle on it, I think it is because it comes out so much smaller that way and I want a bigger trunk. Getting the S period though is still tricky.

I wanted the three animal pieces to be uniform and yet stand out some. I made it so that the middle balloons were all different and had coordinating balloon curls. I still used the same 3 colors but I put a different focus on each.

They were a huge huge hit and I was super excited because decorations are more of my passion and my vision and goal.

Here are pictures!









baby shower 2

baby shower


281st Balloon Sculpture, Guy Fawkes Mask


I saw a picture of a Guy Fawkes mask that Dylan Gelinas had made and decided to give it a go. I actually made this on the 6th of November,lol. I am just now getting around to posting as I have just been swamped with all kinds of things going on and I have some big projects coming here soon that I can’t wait to both do and share!

I actually found this to be much more trickier than I anticipated and I need to practice this more. I tried figuring it out as best I could just looking at a picture. Picture can be found on his gallery at his Slightly Twisted Balloons website,

Below is my attempt at a replication of Dylan’s Guy Fawkes mask.




The King of Entertainment


This is wonderful to think about for any artist and any medium. In all of entertainment and I dare say art is included in that realm, there are six layers,
1. Content*
2. Form
3. Idiom
4. Structure
5. Craft
6. Surface.
The king of all the layers of entertainment being Content.
This blog post explains what those layers are and gives great food for thought for how to push one’s work over the edge and into the hearts of those who view it. All layers are important. Honing one’s skills and craft is just the beginning, making art that is meaningful and interesting for its viewers is another thing. Yet, the meaningfulness will fail to impact if the other layers are lacking as well. Content needs to be the focus yet only when the other layers have been properly developed or at least developed enough so that the content can shine.  There is a reason why art is a discipline.

Thoughtful Mirth

Scott McCloud is awesome! Now you may be asking yourself “Hey, who is this Scott McCloud guy?” Well for one, he’s awesome! Why? He gave us all of the tools to understand entertainment. That’s why.

You have probably never heard of Scott McCloud, but he wrote a graphic novel called Understanding Comics. Buried inside of that graphic novel is the beautiful, beautiful Chapter 7, which gives us all of the tools to understand entertainment. (He refers to it as “art”, but his definition of art is very broad, so I’m going to refer to it as entertainment.) Here’s what he says.

All entertainment has 6 layers. They are:

1. Content*
2. Form
3. Idiom
4. Structure
5. Craft
6. Surface

*He calls this Idea/Purpose, but this is my blog, so I’m going to use the word I want: Content.

These six layers are present in every medium. The most…

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