277th and 278th Balloon Sculptures, Noah Mask and Ark


There are a lot of churches who put on “trunk or treats” and fall festivals. They typically urge people to wear non scary costumes. I wanted to make myself a costume to wear while taking my daughter to some fun festivals and trunk or treats.

I decided hey, I make balloon animals, Noah had an ark, why don’t I make a balloon Noah mask and an ark with animals.

I just learned how to make some really cute balloon animals using rounds thanks to Nifty Balloon’s More Rounds and Hearts tutorial. You can purchase it via this link for $35.00= http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=73&osCsid=206d1e524492a26b2e361c0130c046aa.

I made the Nifty Balloons’ panda, the tiger and elephant and a modified Holly Hopper monkey and an Iancarlo4, his YouTube name, Giraffe.

I fashioned the Noah mask using the mask foundation also thanks to Nifty Balloons, they have a mask tutorial also for $35.00 at the same site, http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=57.

Here are my pictures! People just loved it which totally made my evening!










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