276th Balloon Sculpture, Alice in Wonderland Themed Number 5.


I decided to get Dylan Gelinas’ Cheshire Cat PDF tutorial for $13.00 at this link http://slightlytwistedballoons.com/store.html. For some reason I just had horrible luck with this cat,lol. My pink 350’s kept popping. I usually don’t have that problem. I make sidewall bubbles just fine all the time but for some reason – the pink 350’s were just acting flimsy and would pop like crazy for me. I wonder if I got a bad batch or what the deal was. The whole face just gave me grief, it was one of those days.

The design is a great design but I definitely need practice with it. I wish that I could have gotten the head to be more tilted on the side. I will have to play around with this more. I want to make another one of this 5 I made only more polished but I really love how I put it together.

Everything came down to the wire as the cat took me a lot longer than I anticipated. I had to rush with my pictures. I would have adjusted things more perfectly otherwise. The lower mouth should have been positioned better and the ear twist positioned to be matching the other ear twist.

I just came up with the Alice on my own and put some flowers next to her as it was requested that there be flowers next to an Alice figure.

Below is what I came up with for the party.






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