274th and 275th Balloon Sculptures, Mario Parody Mask and Mushroom.


I adapted the Nifty Balloons mask design to make a Mario one. I had a promotion on my Facebook page that the 250th person to like my page would get a free balloon. The lady that won wanted something for her son. He was a little nervous to really put it on all the way but he loved it,lol. It is funny how nervous people are around balloons,lol. He built up the nerve later. You can buy the Mask tutorial for $35 at this site. The Mario one isn’t on there, but when you learn the foundational structure- you will see how I was able to adapt it easily.

I saw some mushrooms that my friend Rob Driscoll posted on his blog, My Daily Balloon, and loved it! I asked him how he made them and he pointed me to this Youtube tutorial made by Mrpocketsballoons. Mr. Pockets shows you how to make a Gumba which I intend to make too soon, but first I wanted to make a mushroom.

It is an excellent tutorial and uses a really neat and new to me technique!







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