269nth Balloon Sculpture, Donuts For Dads Column


My kiddo’s school had an event called Donuts for Dads where dads could pick their child from class and have some donuts with them in a gym and also listen to a speaker from First Things First.

I happen to be on the PTA and of course you know I had an idea for a column to make for a special decoration for the event,lol.

I wanted to make a dad with a little girl both with a donut in their hand coming out of a column.

I used a picture of a teacher made by this amazing balloon artist named Phileas Flash. Here is the link to picture and his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=341834585950931&set=pb.267275606740163.-2207520000.1381938929.&type=3&theater

I need to practice making faces more. I found this really challenging which just let me know that it has been too long since I have made balloon faces and that I need to practice and hone up on that. I really feel that as far as twisted balloon face, Phileas has made the most awesome faces I have seen and I want to really take him as a huge influence on this kind of approach. Now Niko Fric, I really want to learn how to make faces overall like he does that deals with a totally different approach to faces. I want to learn it all and practice and master them all.

It was a huge hit with everyone and I am glad for that. Dads even took their kids on stage to get their picture taken with it. That made for huge mega warm fuzzies for me. No matter how much I have done- I am a perpetually insecure artist,lol.

Below are pictures of what I came up with for the event. I used the school’s colors for the column.






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