267th to 268th Balloon Sculptures, Wearable Ladybug Backpack and Bracelet


David Brenion/Nifty Balloons has an excellent tutorial package called Backpacks for 35.00 dollars available here,


Designs included in this video package:
2.Jet pack
3.Scuba Tank
4.Proton Pack
5.Lady Bug
6.Turtle Warrior
7.Bumble Bee
8.Advanced Jet Pack
9.Dragon Wings
10.Space Ranger

I have already made the Wings and Jet Pack and I found the Ladybug to be the easiest so far. My daughter loves it. I even made her a ladybug bracelet to match.

To learn how to make the bracelet, Holly Hopper has a really cool tutorial on YouTube from which I learned, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXTT5LUZkCQ. To make it a bracelet, all you do is take a 260 and tie it to the legs.

Below are pictures of my replication.




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