264th Balloon Sculpture, Wearable Jet Pack


David Brenion/Nifty Balloons has an excellent tutorial package called Backpacks for 35.00 dollars available here, http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=65&osCsid=a945bac3a0c14690227f5a833fc8e29d.

Designs included in this video package:

  1. Wings
  2. Jet pack
  3. Scuba Tank
  4. Proton Pack
  5. Lady Bug
  6. Turtle Warrior
  7. Bumble Bee
  8. Advanced Jet Pack
  9. Dragon Wings
  10. Space Ranger

I have already made the wings and have moved onto the Jet Pack. It was pretty easy to make although making the curls takes me a bit of practice. I still don’t have an efficient enough way yet of making them. I always get the last bit of the balloon stuck with my fingers and am not quite sure how other balloon artists are making them so easily,lol.

Something I will have to keep practicing for sure and I know I will find my groove if I just stick with it.

Other than that curling issue, this is a pretty fast and awesome design and my daughter just flipped for it. Which is huge because for the most part, she is desensitized to balloons as she sees them all the time,lol. She absolutely loves this and I am so happy to know how to make more wearable balloon art.

David of course has the most polished tutorials with the highest production values you will see around. Very professionally made and impressive. He is an excellent instructor.

Pictures of my replication below.









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