261st to 263rd Balloon Sculptures: Seahorse Gun?, Alien Dog, and Alien Dog 2


So I finally have time to talk about what all happened during the jam session of the T Jam on the Road with Buster Balloons and David Brenion tour stop in Atlanta.

David was encouraging everyone to just experiment with balloons and see what happens. Have no plan, just do what I interpreted as free association with balloon twisting and let the subconscious play and twist.

This was sooo weird and alien to me. I have said before and I even explained to David Brenion, I got to talk to David Brenion squeal!, that this is such a Spiderman activity- as he is the best at improvising and thinking on the spot and I am a Batman type where I always have a plan and brood in my cave preparing for every contingency and am not good at just on the spot improvising. To go about balloon making without a PLAN, that just was totally out of this world to me. He said go for it anyway and that it would be good for me and I totally agreed with him. He was sooo cool to talk to by the way and very down to earth and super geeky which was awesome!

So my first attempt was this,

which I called an abomination. David would go around the room and check up on people and see how they were doing and when he came to check up on me I told him,” this is an abomination.” He made fun and said, “No, this is awesome, I can totally see all kinds of things out of it.” My husband teased and said, “Okay- name something.” David said, “Give me a minute, give me a minute.” LOL! I kept saying it’s easy, “It is an abomination!” LOL! He looked at it really intensely and what in the world he said he saw I totally forgot,lol. He also said, “Hey, it isn’t like everything I come up with during experimentation is perfect and wonderful.” Something to that effect, the point being he doesn’t just go into jam mode and create a masterpiece every time.

My husband said it looked like a seahorse gun and that you use it to turn people into seahorses,lol.

David again was very encouraging and told me to keep at it. He addressed the room and talked about how important this exercise is for an artist and that this process is how he comes up with his designs and innovations.

So I kept at it and then came up with this weird but oddly cute looking thing. I call it Alien Dog,lol. David came to check up on me and liked it. He was so encouraging and supportive. I really like this thing I made, how I made it I have no clue,lol. If I spent enough time I am sure I could remake it,lol.


I just kept laughing and giggly and saying to my husband, “Look Honey, I am being spontaneous!” I also would giggle all throughout the Jam and say, “This not planning thing is so weird, this feels so un-natural! I just couldn’t get past the not planning thing and this exercise was such a big deal and break out of my comfort zone,lol. I had tons of fun and also felt very vulnerable. Especially since Buster was just making insanely awesome things out of balloons as he was totally into the jamming part and getting his mojo on with it,lol. Yeah I was like a nerdy girl who hadn’t “developed” yet hanging out with the busty cheerleaders,lol. Feeling insecure? Hell yes!

The Jam had two contests. One where you bring whatever you can fit through the door and another where you make something in 7 minutes. I won the whatever you can bring through the door contest with my Balloon Dalek costume, EXTERM-INFLATE! I had no intention of participating in the 7 minute contest. David made a big speech on how he wanted to see everyone participate in the 7 minute contest and that he basically wouldn’t let you not do it,lol.

So I participated and came up what I call Alien Dog 2. I did not win the contest but I won the inner contest of breaking out of my shell and going out of my comfort zone,lol.  For some reason my subconscious loves to make dogs, which dogs are the most awesome creatures alive! 100_7303

I also made another thing during the jam that ended up being a flower. I wanted to draw an eye on it and call it the, Eye of Sauron Flower,lol.


After the 7 minute contest everyone focused on cleaning up the place. The event took place inside Jubilee Center which is a church. David Brenion showed me and my husband a cool way to pop balloons with our fingers. My husband feels like a super hero now and loves to pop my balloons using his method.

I wanted to say sooo much to David and Buster, I wanted to totally geek out and let them know how much it meant to me to meet them and how big of a fan I was. One could tell though that they were dog tired and I mean, I am sure they get that all the time so, I just geeked out instead to my husband,lol. I wanted to give them big hugs but didn’t want to be creepy or weird them out. I also got distracted looking for a home for my Dalek and missed out on saying goodbye to David and Buster and Bettina as we were engaged with the college kids who were helping at the church who we also gave the Dalek to, playing around with the costume and having fun.

I had an awesome time and do PLAN on continuing with creative sessions where I don’t plan with balloons and do free association balloon twisting. I can’t do it that often as it does use up balloon resources and my husband is very cautious of what or I should say how much I use for “research and development,lol.”

I had so much fun at the Jam and will never forget it. 🙂 Thank you Bettina, David and Buster! 🙂


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