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277th and 278th Balloon Sculptures, Noah Mask and Ark


There are a lot of churches who put on “trunk or treats” and fall festivals. They typically urge people to wear non scary costumes. I wanted to make myself a costume to wear while taking my daughter to some fun festivals and trunk or treats.

I decided hey, I make balloon animals, Noah had an ark, why don’t I make a balloon Noah mask and an ark with animals.

I just learned how to make some really cute balloon animals using rounds thanks to Nifty Balloon’s More Rounds and Hearts tutorial. You can purchase it via this link for $35.00=

I made the Nifty Balloons’ panda, the tiger and elephant and a modified Holly Hopper monkey and an Iancarlo4, his YouTube name, Giraffe.

I fashioned the Noah mask using the mask foundation also thanks to Nifty Balloons, they have a mask tutorial also for $35.00 at the same site,

Here are my pictures! People just loved it which totally made my evening!









276th Balloon Sculpture, Alice in Wonderland Themed Number 5.


I decided to get Dylan Gelinas’ Cheshire Cat PDF tutorial for $13.00 at this link For some reason I just had horrible luck with this cat,lol. My pink 350’s kept popping. I usually don’t have that problem. I make sidewall bubbles just fine all the time but for some reason – the pink 350’s were just acting flimsy and would pop like crazy for me. I wonder if I got a bad batch or what the deal was. The whole face just gave me grief, it was one of those days.

The design is a great design but I definitely need practice with it. I wish that I could have gotten the head to be more tilted on the side. I will have to play around with this more. I want to make another one of this 5 I made only more polished but I really love how I put it together.

Everything came down to the wire as the cat took me a lot longer than I anticipated. I had to rush with my pictures. I would have adjusted things more perfectly otherwise. The lower mouth should have been positioned better and the ear twist positioned to be matching the other ear twist.

I just came up with the Alice on my own and put some flowers next to her as it was requested that there be flowers next to an Alice figure.

Below is what I came up with for the party.





274th and 275th Balloon Sculptures, Mario Parody Mask and Mushroom.


I adapted the Nifty Balloons mask design to make a Mario one. I had a promotion on my Facebook page that the 250th person to like my page would get a free balloon. The lady that won wanted something for her son. He was a little nervous to really put it on all the way but he loved it,lol. It is funny how nervous people are around balloons,lol. He built up the nerve later. You can buy the Mask tutorial for $35 at this site. The Mario one isn’t on there, but when you learn the foundational structure- you will see how I was able to adapt it easily.

I saw some mushrooms that my friend Rob Driscoll posted on his blog, My Daily Balloon, and loved it! I asked him how he made them and he pointed me to this Youtube tutorial made by Mrpocketsballoons. Mr. Pockets shows you how to make a Gumba which I intend to make too soon, but first I wanted to make a mushroom.

It is an excellent tutorial and uses a really neat and new to me technique!





273rd Balloon Sculpture, Bumble Bee Backpack


David Brenion/Nifty Balloons has an excellent tutorial package called Backpacks for 35.00 dollars available here,

Designs included in this video package:
2.Jet pack
3.Scuba Tank
4.Proton Pack
5.Lady Bug
6.Turtle Warrior
7.Bumble Bee
8.Advanced Jet Pack
9.Dragon Wings
10.Space Ranger

This time I made the Bumble Bee.

I made a couple of very minor adjustments. I made the antennae differently and instead of a 321 for the stinger I had the perfect amount of black 350 leftover from the weaving and so used it.

Pictures of my replication below with my daughter modeling it. She loved it!






272nd Balloon Sculpture, Thunder McKING Car


Michaeal Floyd is a really great instructor and for only $5.00 you can get what he calls Thunder McKing Car tutorial on his store site,

The production quality is excellent and he goes at a very considerate learning pace.

This sculpture uses five balloons.

It is super cute and not too bad on time at all.

He has a real knack for making cute and quick things.

Pictures of my replication below. I needed to make the back bar longer but other than that I am very happy with the outcome.





271st Balloon Sculpture, Hello Kitty Parody in a Black Cat Suit


Nao Osaka is an amazing Japanese balloon artist.

Here is a picture of my replication of the Hello Kitty he has made holding a pumpkin wearing a black cat suit. I need practice drawing the pumpkin face,lol.



270th Balloon Sculpture, Frankentstein Mask


Nifty Balloons has an awesome mask tutorial bundle with 14 designs for $35.00 that can be purchased here=

Their tutorials are top notch and have the highest productions values I have seen yet. They are very clear and the steps are way approachable save for you may need practice making sidewall bubbles. What I really love about these is that once you learn the foundations structure it really opens up all kinds of possibilities. These are sooo much fun to make and get a very excited reception from people.

I highly recommend it! Preview of masks video here,

I made the Frankenstein mask today and gave it to the receptionists where my daughter gets her therapies. They just loved it and it brought just tons of fun to their day, which just makes my day!

Since I have made several of the masks now- this was a cinch and I am way way way faster at it yay!

Pictures of my replication below.