Winner of the TJam on the Road contest in Atlanta! My Entry, Dalek Costume, EXTERM-INFLATE!


Well folks, today is officially my one year balloon twisting/sculpting anniversary and what better news than to say I won T Jam on the Road’s Whatever You Can Fit Through the Door Contest in Atlanta!

Where to begin where to begin?! I decided last minute that I should just go for it and go to Atlanta and enter the T Jam on the Road Whatever You Can Fit Through the Door Contest. I figured that even though funds are tight, this is just too cool of an opportunity to meet Buster Balloons and David Brenion and see if I can win.

I knew I couldn’t do the workshop, which is like a 100 or more dollars but the contest was only 20 dollars and my husband has a Prius so that would help and the place was only an hour and a half away- totally doable.

It was last minute- so the day before I looked at my balloons to see what the heck I had in stock. I decided to make a Robin’s Egg Blue version of my signature Dalek Balloon Costume since that is what I had the most balloons of,lol. I wanted to enter something that was my design and that I felt would make the biggest impression. I know that David Brenion specializes in wearable balloons and I thought perhaps he would appreciate a full balloon costume.

Everything came down to the wire. I made half of the balloon the day before and the rest of it the day of the contest. I had just 4, size 350 balloons left so thank goodness nothing popped! 350 is a type of balloon and I only had 4 of the Robbin’s Egg color in that size left!

I picked my daughter up from school, dropped her off at my mother’s house and then rushed home to pack the balloon in the car and go. I even had to keep working on it while in the car,lol. The bottom half fit in the back seat and the head of it we stuffed in the trunk of the car.

We got there just in time, it started at 7 and we got there at like 15 minutes till. My husband drove while I worked on balloons.

I had no idea what to expect. It was at this place called Jubilee Center which ended up being a church, which surprised me because I was expecting it to be a convention center filled with thousands of people,lol.

It ended up being in a room with about 20 or more people,lol.
Which is so wrong to me, don’t people realize Buster Balloons was there and David Brenion of Nifty Balloons? Do people not know of their amazaballs wonderful coolness? It was ironically sacrilegious to me that such an event was held at a church and not an auditorium filled with thousands of people,lol.

I still had to attach the head to the body and finish it up and then barely fit it through the door,lol. That was nerve wracking, but hey- I have seen my Dalek costume fit on a narrow bus, so it was chill man,lol.

The Jam was totally not at all what I expected and Buster and David were totally down to earth and everything was super lax, casual and laid back. I was Pinkie Pie at Mach 5 excited. I wanted to hug everyone there!

I couldn’t believe I was meeting David Brenion especially- it was just super cool as I have bought several of his tutorials and it was just really neat to meet him. He is really nice and I can’t help but think of John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants when I see him,lol. I totally envisioned David singing TMBG songs the whole time and had dream sequences where he made a Triangle Man balloon music video. I was totally Wayne and Garth, We’re Not Worthy in my head,lol.

Buster was really reserved and just kind of kept to himself. I couldn’t tell if he was just tired, which I imagine they were totally over the tour by then as they had just 1 more stop after Atlanta to go and they just taught an all day workshop they must have been exhausted, or if he is just a super introvert. He kept kind of to himself doing his own thing experimenting with balloons. He was awesome to watch. Everything he touched just seemed to turn to gold. I could watch him make balloons all day.

David was very approachable and was not “Hollywood” at all,lol. Neither of them were. David was very much involved with what people were doing and very encouraging and just really outgoing. I was intimidated to talk to Buster, I tried but I couldn’t read him as far as emotions and I went Fluttershy in 0 to 10 seconds,lol. If I can’t read a person I get really shy and intimidated easily.

Both of them really impressed me with their demeanors as their balloons were inflated but not their ego’s.

And Bettina Davis was there, I found that to be exciting because whenever you buy balloons from T Myers and Magic, you get an email from her and it is just cool to actually meet these people who are a part of your life in these wonderful strange ways yet you are strangers,lol. Familiar strangers.

I will have another post about the jam but for now let me just celebrate. Out of the 4 entries I ended up winning and was super excited and my head nearly exploded. I jumped up and down and held my prize of a bag of Qualatex Magic Links to my heart,lol. Apparently I will be in a bigger contest and I am not sure how it works but somehow there will be voting for the best of the winners from each city on this tour, there are 11 cities so I will have a 1 in 11 shot! Hopefully I will win! Man would that be a dream come true! It will be on the T Meyers website, the national contest I guess you could say. Holy Cow! I can’t believe I will be one of the runners!

I named my entry, EXTERM-INFLATE. When I put the costume on, Buster said to me, Okay say the line, and I said, EXTERM-INFLATE, in a Dalek voice and it cracked them up. David bent his head back and laughed. That is the golden laugh! 🙂

I felt weird as I had never been around other balloon twisters twisting balloons and had never balloon jammed before,lol. It was awesome but also very instantly new girl in high school- will anyone like and accept me, am I cool enough to hang with these people,lol. I was so nervous and excited, I was a kid in Disney World!

I am sooo glad that my hubby was there to share that experience with me and help me not pass out from both fear and happiness,lol.

So long story short, my costume won and I was able to secure it a happy home rather than see it popped. I felt like a surrogate mother, I gave birth and then gave my baby away to a happy home. It ended up with these two really nice college boys who loved it and tried it on and we all played around with it. Ben and Alec are their names.

My YouTube video of us all playing around and having fun after the Jam was over, because Extermination, like Friendship, is MAGIC,lol. Thank you so much Ben and Alec! 🙂

Pictures of my Exterminflate below. My husband is wearing the Phoenix shirt in pics below and Ben is in the other pics.









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  1. Normally I would have been there, but it was a weekday, so the timing was not good for me. Winning is always fun. I won speed in Nashville several years ago. Buster can be quite shy when he is tired.

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