254th Balloon Sculpture, Hello Kitty Parody Bracelets


I had a birthday party gig and this time it was requested that the birthday girl receive a larger cute kitty cat and also something kitty themed for the guests. It was requested that everything be pink and purple.

I saw somewhere online a person who had a super simple but awesome design for a Hello Kitty parody bracelet. I can’t remember where I saw it as I was just surfing the internet late one day. I just made a mental note of it. I will try and see if I can’t find it and post it here.

Anywho, I made a pink and purple kitty cat that is heavily inspired by Dylan Gelinas’ cat, see this post for reference, and some Hello Kitty parody bracelets.

All you do to make the bracelets is make a 6 or 7 petal flower for the bracelet and take a white 6 inch heart for the head and twist it into the flower. You then draw on your face and then add a little bow, I prefer to use 160’s for the bows for these and glue dot on the head. You also add a balloon un-inflated for a strap and attach it to flower. It is super cute!

Everything was a hit!

Pictures below.




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