249nth Balloon Sculpture, Sports Themed Number 5


I had a birthday party gig and the birthday boy was turning 5 and he loves golf, football and baseball. His favorite colors are blue and green. I made him a custom 5 with those elements in mind.

I made a Nifty Balloons styled football helmet on the top, a golf club with a golf ball going into a hole, and a Scott Tripp baseball glove along with blades of grass accents on the lattice styled number 5.

I figured the 5 out for myself and realized, after looking carefully at the pirate number 3 that I made, that a 5 is just like a 3 only you go up shortly after the middle and then switch directions. Next time I will actually go over to the left in the middle more to make it more polished but I have the basic structure figured out.

There is a tutorial out there for lattice styled numbers and letters made by Niko Fric for about 34 U.S. Dollars, 25 in Euros. http://www.nikoloon.com/shop.html.

I can’t tell if it is a dvd or a download. If anyone knows or gets it, feel free to let me know.

Anyway, the 5 was a huge hit and I had fun making balloon goodies for the kiddos! It was a most delightful party. 🙂





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