248th Balloon Sculpture, Sam Cremeens’ Motorcycle


For $15.00 you can get an awesome motorcycle tutorial made by Sam Cremeens’ here, http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=70&osCsid=e23f3b0364ac0ef0bf6b9de597390d3e.

The tutorial is just a few minutes shy of an hour-long, but the time will feel like it flies by and it is a most enjoyable hour. Sam does a great job explaining and demonstrating and he is a very likable guy. You will enjoy the virtual time with him.

I added a front fender and made just a couple of minor modifications.

My husband’s church had a Biker BBQ Day and how could I but not alert the pastor to the idea of having a balloon motorcycle to add even more excitement.

It was a huge hit! The greatest feeling of all was seeing a man whom is usually very phlegmatic and poker faced, very even Steven and of a more serious repose just light up and be mesmerized by the balloon. He was excited and had an absolute sense of wonder, a child like sense of wonder where that remarkable wide open-mouthed WOW comes to the surface and you even hear it’s mellifluous name. Watching him react to it was by far one of the most rewarding instances of my life, bringing out that child like wonder is one of my greatest victories.

Pictures below.





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  1. Cool! I bought the instructions last week when I saw someone else post it on balloonchat. I’ll get around to making it in the next week or two! I’ve got all the balloons needed to make it. – Alysia

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