246th Balloon Sculpture, Mardi Gras Themed 30


A very cool friend of mine had a 30th birthday party recently and he is from New Orleans and loves Daleks so I made him a custom 30.

The lighting was dark and so I wasn’t able to get the pictures that really show how pretty it came out- it looked sooooo much better in person!

Ce La Vie.

I made a little baby Dalek to fit inside the 0 and I made a Mardi Gras mask and beads for the 3. I also tried out putting dangly bobs shooting out from the base. I did not have my tape with me and so had to borrow some and to my despair a tiny of it shows,lol. Arg!

So here you have it, a 30 in balloons. It was a huge hit and the birthday boy and his guests just loved it! Yea!

I looked at some pictures online to figure out for myself the 30, but there are tools available out there if you don’t want to go through that trouble. Niko Fric has a tutorial for numbers and letters here for 25 euros , http://www.nikoloon.com/shop.html. I looked it up online and that would be around 34 in U.S. dollars.

Pics below.



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