244th Balloon Sculpture, Elephant Themed Number 1


Here is an elephant themed number 1 that I made for the birthday party gig that I had right after the birthday decoration gig with the giant tree and so forth a week ago.

I delivered it the day before on a Saturday as requested, which was really nice because of the big project I had Sunday Aug 25th.

I decided to make a smaller adaptation of Nifty Balloon’s Elephant mask, see post here for more details= https://patriciaballoona.wordpress.com/?s=elephant+mask, for the elephant portion of the themed number.

I made a red lattice style number 1 and a flower with a bee right next to it. The lattice design I just figured out from looking at pictures but there is a tutorial available made by Niko Fric should you desire it, http://www.nikoloon.com/shop.html.

I made a base for it and delivered it and it was a huge hit, hurray! I made sure to be reimbursed for gas to make the special extra trip and the clients were super nice and even gave me a tip they loved it so much. 🙂

Pictures of my replication below.

I ended up keeping the extra second flower on when I delivered it.





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  1. hey patricia..
    I really love all your balloon sculptures.. great work..
    Its my son’s first birthday next week, I want to make a figure one for it..
    Can you please tell me how many 260s did you use? And are those 5 inch balloons inside the cubes?


    • Yes Sunita, those are indeed 5 in round balloons inside the squares. I am not sure how many 260’ss I used but I think it was between 16 to 25, in that range. Hope this helps you. Happy Birthday to your little one, hope all goes wonderfully.Thank you for your compliments, I am glad you like my work. 🙂

  2. Hi patricia,

    I’m also new to ballooning and I realy love your blog.

    you wrote that you did the number from a photo, can you post a link ?
    I didn’t see any one else doing those great numbers.


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