243rd Balloon Sculpture, Shih-tzu


My awesome gal pal Gabrielle has a tutorial for a really cute and awesome balloon Shih-tzu on her tutorial focused Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.213104835519933.1073741828.211698412327242&type=1.

It is called Gabby’s crazy balloons step by step.

She is the queen when it comes to working with heart balloons and I found this to be a very popular design as I got great reactions from my replication.

I made the legs a little different as I just have a different preference and I made the hair on the top a little too big, but hey- that is part of the experimentation process,lol. It still came out really cute,lol. I also used a heart for a tongue and strayed from her tutorial there as well.

Here is my replication below. Gabby- you are doing great and I am sooooooo proud of you as I am sure countless others are as well!

I gave my replication to a friend and she just loved it and it looks great next to her roses,lol.



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