235th Balloon Sculpture, Dylan Gelinas’ Bosco the Bear


I have actually had this PDF for a while now.

I get one new type of balloon a month that isn’t on my standard order list to help keep me in check with Research and Development,lol. It would take a couple months to get the mocha hearts and the mocha rounds and dog gone it= Activator is one of my talents where I have the gift of impatience and want to get to things right now and not dilly dally, so yes- I looked at what I had and what the list of balloons I needed for this design were and the magical color that was available was…RED.

I actually really like it in red. It worked out well.

I strayed in measurements just to see how it would look. I used different colors for eyes. I made the body a little longer and the face a bit bigger. I also put on a little bow tie that you really can only tell if you are looking at it in person. I used a 260 for head rather than 160. I left off the fez and made two ears to see what that would like as well and especially because a red fez on a red bear wouldn’t look right. I also experimented with head angles and my flower is placed slightly differently.

I learned new things to do with balloons especially for faces which I love and I will be experimenting with this face approach for sure. I was happy with the design and the only pain for me were the legs and feet, mostly because my red balloons used for them were weakened from being exposed to the elements of nature and a lot of them popped super easily.

The PDF is well done and is bright and clear. He peppers in interesting things, jokes, tips and helpful commentary. He makes it an entertaining PDF and he is very polished in making them.

So for $13.00, you can purchase his PDF for this bear here, http://slightlytwistedballoons.com/store.html.

Here is the pic of the original that you will see on his store page=


Pics of my replication of his design below. I played around with eye placement in pics below.


I brought him to my mother, she loved it and put it in her kitchen/living room.


I love how shiny he looks in the car on the way to my mother’s house. It also made me realize- I need to take pictures of my balloons in natural light more,lol. They look soooo shiny,lol.  




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