234th Balloon Sculpture, Bubbles with Bubble Wand


I have had a crazy past few days and only had time to make something pretty simple. My little one just started school and I was surprised that kindergarteners have dress codes! Man, hunting for clothes was quite the venture as stores had already been picked pretty clean,lol.

So anywho- I needed to learn something quick and simple and I came across this awesome bubbles coming out of a bubble wand made by Dylan Gelinas, his YouTube tutorial for it here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60VWwagCFLM.

It is really fun to make and is a big pleaser. Adults instantly become kids with this design and love to play with it. I made a couple and gave them to a couple of receptionists and they just loved it!

Pics of my replication below. Note, I found that using the softer floral wire worked much better for me as my grip is pretty weak. There were two different types at the store I went to and I bought both. The softer more malleable one worked just fine and was much more comfortable to twist.

My husband modeling below.

2013-08-12 10.16.56

Even Melody wanted a go at blowing the bubbles,lol.

2013-08-12 10.11.42


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