233rd Balloon Sculpture, Melody the Bunny Parody


Yonaimy has an awesometastic Melody parody tutorial on Youtube.

Link here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzsIjModnTk.

It is a really cute design and is sooo much fun to make!

I am a huge Hello Kitty fan and love Melody, Melody is one of HK’s friends.

I added a couple of touches. I just got my first ever geo blossoms and am sooooooo psyched and decided to use one to be a base for her to sit on and added a flower for her to hold as well.

Below is my replication. I need practice drawing the face better but h man you can’t stop the cuteness and go wrong with this sculpture,lol.

2013-08-11 09.58.52


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