232nd Balloon Sculpture, Giant Number 3


I had a double birthday party yesterday and both kids were turning 3 so I thought- why not try to make a couple of giant three’s?.

I referenced a picture of a 3 someone had made and attempted to try to figure it out myself.

I need to work on curving better. I found it to be tricky and all it is, is just getting proportions right and the triangles man- that took some experimenting.

If you want to save yourself the hassle of figuring it out on your own, you can always buy Niko Fric’s tutorials for numbers and letters for I believe about 35.00 in U.S dollars- not exactly sure what the currency exchange rate is, http://www.nikoloon.com/shop.html.

I have also seen some awesome balloon work where people put their numbers on bases and added stuff on them. I kind of went to town with that idea,lol.

The birthday boy is into pirates and the birthday girl is into princesses so I ran with those themes.

Below is what I came up with as a result of inspiration from other’s work I have seen. Here is a link where you can see what I am talking about. http://balloonchat.co.uk/balloon-birthday-numbers-t7272.html

By the by, Balloon Chat is an awesome forum for balloon twisters and artists. I find it a very inspiring place to visit. People post pictures and do a show and tell and you can chit chat and post questions and it is a really nice forum with awesome supportive people.

I wanted to make it so that the numbers were holding some goodies for the birthday kids to take off, like pirate hat and sword and tiara and princess. Kind of like the numbers were like a gift tree in a way. They were a giant hit at the double bday party, yea!!!!





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