230th and 231st Balloon Sculpture, Number 1 and Black Kitty Cat


I just figured out how to make this style of number. I had seen Megalex Zaragoza showcase a 2000 made this style on Youtube, and was instantly in awe. I just played around with balloons until I could figure it out. It was a neat challenge for myself. This number seems to be one of the more easier designs to tackle, I am going to attempt making more numbers with curves and I am sure that will be a pain, lol.

I made the 1 the way that I like to draw it on paper with a long line on the bottom.

Niko Fric has a to pay for instructional tutorial for numbers and letters of this kind of blocky design, http://www.nikoloon.com/shop.html. The cost is 25 euro’s or I am guessing 35 in U.S. dollars. For all I know he invented it,lol. I know that he is the inventer of the Nikoloon system= http://www.nikoloon.com/nikoloon-system.html. He is from Slovenia. Pretty amazing guy and artist, you must check out his gallery on his page that I linked to.

I love this style. You can make a huge awesome display with not too many balloons and it looks really cool.

I decided it needed something to accompany it and decided to make a black kitty cat. It is heavily inspired by a picture of a cat Dylan Gelinas has made. I made it larger than the brown kitty cat I made earlier and also made some other alterations. I had forgotten how in that world I had made it so I was really glad I decided to revisit it and make another one. I will know better for the future and it won’t take as long to refigure.

Below are pictures of what I came up with, my daughter, Natalie, in some pics.


2013-08-09 15.15.00




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