227th Balloon Sculpture, Baby Shower Bear


I wanted to experiment how this huge bear design would look with polka dot balloons and figured it would look cute for a baby shower.

I have made this bear before several times now, see post 111 and for Panda version check post 159.

I learned this technique from arteglobos on YouTube,

Part 1


Part 2


Now I did not use link-o-loon balloons and did the put a raisin in the balloon and twist tie trick.

It takes 14 polka dotted 11 inch balloons to make the body and one white 11 inch round to make the white muzzle and another 11 inch round to make the white belly. I also used 3 black 5 inch rounds for nose and eyes. I made some bows for the ears.

I made a baby bottle and a pacifier and a couple of flowers to garnish the bear.

This thing is huge, it stood at like 32 inches and my daughter can be seen standing next to it in photos to give better size perspective. She is 44 inches tall!

I brought it with me to the dentist and one of the dentists there just had a baby girl a couple of months ago, so he got to keep it,lol. Everyone loved it. I think it came out quite pretty and cute.



2013-07-30 14.08.29


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    • I am sorry, I don’t have a tutorial for this. I have been told there is a DVD for it but forgot the name, I will see if I can’t track it down and add a link to for you. πŸ™‚

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