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243rd Balloon Sculpture, Shih-tzu


My awesome gal pal Gabrielle has a tutorial for a really cute and awesome balloon Shih-tzu on her tutorial focused Facebook page,

It is called Gabby’s crazy balloons step by step.

She is the queen when it comes to working with heart balloons and I found this to be a very popular design as I got great reactions from my replication.

I made the legs a little different as I just have a different preference and I made the hair on the top a little too big, but hey- that is part of the experimentation process,lol. It still came out really cute,lol. I also used a heart for a tongue and strayed from her tutorial there as well.

Here is my replication below. Gabby- you are doing great and I am sooooooo proud of you as I am sure countless others are as well!

I gave my replication to a friend and she just loved it and it looks great next to her roses,lol.


240th, 241st and 242nd Balloon Sculptures= Number 6, Unicorn Pegasus Ride Inside, and TREE!

240th, 241st and 242nd Balloon Sculptures= Number 6, Unicorn Pegasus Ride Inside, and TREE!

Well folks, today is my 11 month anniversary in my balloon twisting journey.

I had quite a large order for a friend who hired me to make some balloons for her daughter’s 6th birthday a couple of days ago. I am going out of order on what all I did the past several days as how could I contain my excitement on the big feat accomplished!

It was magical how everything worked out. I had to have my friend’s balloons done by 4 p.m. as I had a birthday party at 5 p.m. at a different house.

I woke up early in the morning to make the giant 6 and the Unicorn Pegasus ride inside balloon.

The pony ride inside balloon is a Nifty balloons design, for reference check out this post. I adapted it to look like a Unicorn Pegasus with rainbow hair as requested.

I made Andre Nolle style wings and I learned a new weaving technique called a wheat weave to get a nice braided look for the pony’s hair.

For reference for wing look at my phoenix post.

For wheat weave resource, check out this forum post link and look for the pictures,,4003.msg55320.html#msg55320.

For the number six I referenced a picture of a balloon number 6 and then figured it out by myself. The theme for 6 was fairy. I made a fairy with a long flower weave dress holding a little humming bird.

I made these two big items at my house and packed them in the car.

I got to my friend’s house at noon. I had 4 hours to make my next item on the list, a giant tree!

I used this picture as a reference.

2013-08-13 04.28.53

At noon at my friend’s house, I finished the 6 by making a base for it. Her hardwood floors kept popping the purple bottom balloons and it took 30 minutes for me to get it working right as things just kept going wrong with it. Usually I can get a base done in 5 to 10 minutes. I brought my kiddo along as her kids and my kids are close friends and it was also a birthday playdate. There was constant knocking and running around and I came close to having a heart attack repeatedly,lol.

So then I had 3 and 1/2 hours to make a giant tree, the likes of which I had never made before! And- me and my friend personally blew up every balloon for it,lol.

I just dove in and prayed and hoped for the best. I figured it was a basic column with just clusters of balloons all jumbled together. I am sure there is a refined and highly engineered way to go about this but I do not know that that is,lol.

I made the column, and just made clusters. All different kinds of clusters and I twisted them together until something round looking came out of it,lol. It was intense and fun and nerve wracking and fun!

It was jazz music baby- lots of improv and just going with the flow and see how it go!

I finished at like 4:12! One of the brown balloons popped but I didn’t dare mess with it. I took pictures for 18 minutes and packed up and got my kiddo ready to leave with me for my next gig. The people at my next gig invited my daughter to come along which I thought was really cool and nice and she had a blast.

I left my friend’s house at exactly 4:30 and, which let me tell you- was an act of GOD,lol. I had the perfect amount of time to get to my next gig at 5 p.m.

So here below are pictures.

I can breathe now,lol. I am still recouping from what has been my busiest weekend ever and my hands are still sore,lol. I could not be happier!

My friend did not want pics of her kids in anything so my daughter Natalie is

seen modeling below.

If you want to see pictures set to music, I have made a video here,







Taking A Small Break, Be Back Next Week, & Yorkshire Terrier Version 2


I have a totally busy and booked up weekend and so I am giving you guys heads up that I am not going to be able to make any posts until later next week.

I can’t wait to share with you the photos and details!

I made another variation of the balloon Yorkshire Terrier and here are pictures!

Happy Twisting! 🙂



238th and 239nth Balloon Sculptures, Functional Purse and Yorkshire Terrier Dog


I learned how to make checkered fabric from Michael Langerman’s free YouTube tutorial, I made 2 small portions that he shows you how to make in the beginning and then a really really really really long portion using the technique he shows you in the second portion of the tutorial.

I attached everything together and put some straps on it. And voila! A fully functional balloon purse!

My friend Gabrielle Hodge, whom I have interviewed here, has a new tutorial focused Facebook page where you can lean via pictures and written explanations how she makes some of her cute designs. It is called Gabby’s Crazy Balloons Step by Step, I feel that she has really leveled up in her balloon making with these dogs she has been making recently and am super proud of her! YOU ROCK GABBY!

She has a really brilliant Westie Dog that I kind of made to look more like a Yorkshire Terrier,lol. Just click the link to her step by step Facebook Page that I listed above and look under her Westie tutorial.

I also made some other modifications for example, I like the legs showing more and so did not do any tucking.

Enough chatting, now pictures and even videos!

Video of Purse,

Video of Dog,

Video of Dog Version 2,






236th and 237th Balloon Sculptures, Motorcycle Ride Inside and Checkered Flag


For $5.00 you can get an awesome ride inside motorcycle balloon tutorial made by Nifty Balloons. Their tutorials are one of the most polished and well made that you will see. Link here=

It is super simple and very fun to make and makes quite a wow impression!

It requires:

  • 2 red 646
  • 2 black 16 inch geo donuts
  • 1 green agate
  • 2 grey 350
  • 1 clear 5 inch round
  • 1 yellow 5 inch round

Note, I did not have an agate balloon and just used a tie dye balloon that I bought from Hobby Lobby.

I just so happened to had just made a black and white checkered flag/fabric design. I plan on getting more into different weaving and fabric techniques.

I learned how to make checkered fabric from Michael Langerman’s free YouTube tutorial, I decided to turn it into a flag.

I really love this fabric design. The genius that it took to figure out the pattern is amazing, it is not intuitive to me whatsoever the steps one takes to make this thing.

He actually has a different specific tutorial on YouTube for a checkered flag that is different than the checkered fabric.

Pics of my replication below with my daughter Natalie modeling.




235th Balloon Sculpture, Dylan Gelinas’ Bosco the Bear


I have actually had this PDF for a while now.

I get one new type of balloon a month that isn’t on my standard order list to help keep me in check with Research and Development,lol. It would take a couple months to get the mocha hearts and the mocha rounds and dog gone it= Activator is one of my talents where I have the gift of impatience and want to get to things right now and not dilly dally, so yes- I looked at what I had and what the list of balloons I needed for this design were and the magical color that was available was…RED.

I actually really like it in red. It worked out well.

I strayed in measurements just to see how it would look. I used different colors for eyes. I made the body a little longer and the face a bit bigger. I also put on a little bow tie that you really can only tell if you are looking at it in person. I used a 260 for head rather than 160. I left off the fez and made two ears to see what that would like as well and especially because a red fez on a red bear wouldn’t look right. I also experimented with head angles and my flower is placed slightly differently.

I learned new things to do with balloons especially for faces which I love and I will be experimenting with this face approach for sure. I was happy with the design and the only pain for me were the legs and feet, mostly because my red balloons used for them were weakened from being exposed to the elements of nature and a lot of them popped super easily.

The PDF is well done and is bright and clear. He peppers in interesting things, jokes, tips and helpful commentary. He makes it an entertaining PDF and he is very polished in making them.

So for $13.00, you can purchase his PDF for this bear here,

Here is the pic of the original that you will see on his store page=


Pics of my replication of his design below. I played around with eye placement in pics below.


I brought him to my mother, she loved it and put it in her kitchen/living room.


I love how shiny he looks in the car on the way to my mother’s house. It also made me realize- I need to take pictures of my balloons in natural light more,lol. They look soooo shiny,lol.  



234th Balloon Sculpture, Bubbles with Bubble Wand


I have had a crazy past few days and only had time to make something pretty simple. My little one just started school and I was surprised that kindergarteners have dress codes! Man, hunting for clothes was quite the venture as stores had already been picked pretty clean,lol.

So anywho- I needed to learn something quick and simple and I came across this awesome bubbles coming out of a bubble wand made by Dylan Gelinas, his YouTube tutorial for it here,

It is really fun to make and is a big pleaser. Adults instantly become kids with this design and love to play with it. I made a couple and gave them to a couple of receptionists and they just loved it!

Pics of my replication below. Note, I found that using the softer floral wire worked much better for me as my grip is pretty weak. There were two different types at the store I went to and I bought both. The softer more malleable one worked just fine and was much more comfortable to twist.

My husband modeling below.

2013-08-12 10.16.56

Even Melody wanted a go at blowing the bubbles,lol.

2013-08-12 10.11.42