224th Balloon Sculpture, Giant Balloon Dog, White Version


This isn’t a new sculpture, I have made it before but I made it again with some changes. I learned the design from Happy Cabbie on YouTube. It is a great design and easy to make as well as fun. If you want a big wow factor in not hardly any time, this is a terrific design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAU53pX8Kbk

I made a few alterations which can be seen in pictures compared to video.

I made this white version for a recent stint at Earth Fare and man was it a HUGE HIT,lol. Yes this balloon dog will hunt,lol.

Below are pics, I didn’t have my digital camera unfortunately so these were the best I could get.

2013-07-26 10.52.34

The white part showing around the nose cannot be seen from the other side like int he picture above. I had to take more photos from this side because of lighting issues,lol.


2013-07-25 20.15.19


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