Twist and Talk Balloon Puppet System, Twist-A-Tronix!


OMG- so I was doing some homework on Don Caldwell aka Buster Balloons as I know of him but I haven’t been to any of his workshops and just from what I can tell it seems you get more of an idea of what his work entails if you buy his dvd’s or go to his workshops. Remember most of my balloon twisting awareness comes via free tutorials on YouTube. I am just now starting to become aware of the to pay for tutorials and even my awareness there comes via the free YouTube tutorials who market the to pay for tutorials,lol.

Example, If it wasn’t for Michael Floyd’s free tutorials on YouTube and his link to his store within those videos- I might never have found out about Nifty Balloons= or at least it would have delayed my awareness greatly.

Buster does have some free tutorials on YouTube. I just haven’t come across them much in my personal searches for designs.

When I put a search on Buster on YouTube this Twist-A-Tronix video came up and I was instantly intrigued.

Not only does Don have some free tutorials for making a puppet for this electronic puppet device, so does David Brenion. And they are going on tour together this year- Their Tour is called TJam on the Road Sets up Camp. Looks like a ton of fun!

This thing is really cool and is price marked at $149.95 and can be purchased at this website=

I totally want to get one some day. Oh there are sooo many shiny things when it comes to balloons!

Here is a video of a puppet in action. The below puppet was twisted by David Brenion and I believe the maker of the system Steve Axtell is in the video below as well.

Here are links to Buster’s YouTube tutorials for his monkey which I would love to replicate period as it is really cute and perhaps it could be used as a hand puppet. I am not sure- but anywho I would like to practice the techniques he uses for puppet making. Part 3 is showing other alternatives that are pretty dang cool. the way he uses hearts is really neat and I look forward to playing around with the designs and seeing if I can replicate them.

Here are the links to Buster’s Tutorials for the Twist-A-Trnix

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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  1. Yes, that is Steve Axtell on the right. I meet with him in 2011 and am flying out to Las Vegas on 8/9 and will be seeing Steve on 8/11 at the Magic Live conference.

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