223rd Balloon Sculpture, Toy Plane


Unicaw89 aka Cody Williams has a really fun toy plane design. Link to his tutorial for it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8LsNrKByYs

I made a few modifications:

I added a scarf and I used a 160 for the front propeller and made it overall smaller.

I also made the tail fins more intricate. For a later version, pics to come later, I found that it is possible to use one balloon for the whole plane body but instead of a loop for the middle fin- you just use the leftover sausage twist after making the two loop twists.

I left out the pinch twists after the bird body to achieve making a plane body with one balloon. To keep the pilot head in- you can just make a bubble around the nozzle and fit the bubble inside the bird body.

I found doing the modifications above made it even faster to make.
I just handed them out without the clear balloon handle when making balloons for kiddies recently. I think if one were to put two pinch twists in the clear balloon and attach it to the plane that that would work.

Below is my replication.
I will add more pics of the one without pinch twists later. The below required two balloons for the plane body. This is a great design and it is fun to make and it made for an instant hit when I made them for a gig recently.

This also makes for a great and quick dragonfly. I just left the tail alone and added eyeballs between that first bubble and bird-body. Pics of that to come later. I had some little boys request a dragon-fly while I was passing out some planes. They were very happy with it.





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