222nd Balloon Sculpture, Dog Mask


I have posted before about Nifty Balloons amazaballs mask tutorials, a 14 mask design package available for purchase for $35.00 at this site= http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=57.

I started out with the monkey, see post 218 on my blog. There is also this YouTube commercial for their masks.

This time I made the dog and boy howdy is it cute! This mask comes with a paw accessory. I realize now that with the monkey- there should be a banana accessory.

Nifty Balloons have the highest production values I have seen yet for tutorials and they are extremely polished. Very great instructors and crisp clear videos with fun and pizazz.

I found this design to be very replication friendly and constructing it with these bigger balloons I found to be way easier this time. I still struggled some with the 646, but the 350’s I totally manipulated and wrangled much faster and with much more ease. So don’t be discouraged at all if you are slow going at first, you just need practice.

My replication below with pics of my hubby modeling it. I added an extra hair loop.

Dogs Rule! Yes I am a dog person. A dog look up to you and says, wow, you feed me, you love me, you take care of me, YOU must be God. A cat look at you and says, wow, you feed, you love me, you take care of me, I must be God,lol.



2013-07-25 09.39.52


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