221st Balloon Sculpture, Simple Plane


I came across Michael Floyd’s plane tutorial on YouTube= link to it here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsDYLcfmH1A. It is a more simple modern plane balloon design.

It is a pretty good tutorial and design but I do not like doing it the way he instructs it. Perhaps I need more practice but it just doesn’t feel twisting friendly. I don’t like twisting pinch twists into each other if that makes any sense. I can’t really describe it well, when you watch the tutorial- all I can say is that I prefer to do it the long way- one wing at a time and twisting it into the main plane balloon one wing at a time.

I really like Michael and he has lots of really cool and solid and replication friendly designs. While this one I don’t find to be as friendly for me to do- and again I may just need practice- I just want to make sure you readers know that he has plenty that are really twisting friendly and though easy still deliver on the wow factor. While I am not in love with this design I still think it is useful and makes for a nice simple plane to make.

He is a very good instructor and goes at a very considerate pace and his production quality for his tutorials are excellent. He is very good about making very clear and easy to follow tutorials.

Here are pictures of my replication of his design.





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    • Lolol, we have such different tastes in planes. I like this okay but love the other way better, and you love this one but don’t even like the other, lol. Too cool, lol. I love it!

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