219nth and 220nth Balloon Sculptures, Despicable Me Minion Different Versions


Unicaw89, aka Cody Williams, has a really cool Despicable Me Minion tutorial on Youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NP5x6lexPM.
He is quite a character. His teaching approach and personality just works well for him in my opinion. He is a bit of a show off, tries almost a little too hard to entertain you and be funny, and you can tell he is a daredevil and is a high sensory seeker. It’s like he is a real life Bart Simpson only with goals and a drive to succeed,lol. It just works for him and he is likable, he pulls it off in my opinion. I enjoy his tutorials and look forward to replicating and reviewing more of his designs.

Now I made some changes. In my first iteration and replication of his design I added a little pocket that almost looks like a teddy bear head. I also took a clear 350, drew an eyeball on one side, then took a silver 160 and made an eyepiece. The effect is quite cool in my opinion. I also used an un-inflated 350 for the band for eyepiece and drew on hair and added black hands as the minion characters wear black gloves.

The head was a bit too long in the first iteration and I was curious what it would look like without the black running between both legs.


Second Iteration, I adjusted head proportion and also tried making overalls look more I guess you would say smile shaped. It connects to the x in the overalls of his design with the black round balloon. There is not connection between feet. I realize that I made the legs too long in both iterations.


Third Iteration, I changed it around some. I got rid of the pinch twists in the front- and the criss cross x in the front. I tied the end of the black round to two ties each connecting to the opposite pinch twist for the pant as it were.and I made the middle of the overalls a bit too big but other than that I am liking it. I also used 260’s for the legs and feet as well rather tan 350’s. I am still not satisfied though and will come back to this a different day. I might play around with 160’s for the middle of the overall part next time or do some combination.




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