209nth-215nth Balloon Sculptures, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Glass Vase, Tincture Bottle, Heart Cat, High Heel and Tomato.

209nth-215nth Balloon Sculptures, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Glass Vase, Tincture Bottle, Heart Cat, High Heel and Tomato.

Earth Fare wanted a display that fit a wellness and beauty theme. I decided to make, first of all, their tomato logo, a high heel inspired by my friend Gabrielle Hodge, some nail polish, some health tinctures, a lipstick, a glass vase with flower stems inside and this really cool whimsical pink cat I saw on the internet made by Funtime Balloons.

I made some daisies and a rose and set them aside. I took some lime green 160’s and made it look like a bunch of stems twisted together. I then took a clear 646 and like the flower in a glass vase pushed the stems in all the way and then popped the clear 646 leaving the stems covered in a clear balloon, almost like a cocoon. I then re-inflated the clear balloon cocoon and tied everything and attached the flowers to it and made a round clear base to hold the vase with a clear 350 balloon.

I used that push a balloon into a clear balloon trick for the nail polish and tinctures as well.

The high heel I forgot to put a strap at the top,lol. It was made using a flat weave technique.

I saw this picture of this cat and just had to try it out., picture below. When I tried to replicate it, I did not have the picture in front of me and went by memory, so next time I will fix the ears so that they are behind the eyes some and use a 260 rather than 160 for the part around the eyes. I also added whiskers but next time will make them white. I also need to twist the tail better and more like the picture. I will be making this again and soon for sure!

It is a cat that is made almost entirely out of heart balloons and is just so wonderfully whimsical. This cat was made by Funtime balloons. You should check out their website, they are amazing! http://www.funtimeballoonsweymouth.co.uk/Funtime-Gallery.html They alerted me that they made a modified version of Buster Balloon’s original cat design.

Picture of their work that I referenced with memory.


So enough talking- here are pictures of everything together! You will also see that I made a modified Dylan Gelinas Dog in a Purse, see this post with link to his tutorial. https://patriciaballoona.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/102nd-balloon-sculpture-dog-in-a-purse/.

(Note to self), the flower vase should have been tilted to the back some and the rose need to be higher than daisies and not so close. Eyes were perhaps a little too big for dog in purse.

2013-07-13 12.34.37

2013-07-13 13.42.00








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