204th and 205th Balloon Sculptures, Little Bo Peep and Shaun the Sheep Parody.


I was very inspired by Twisted Inflations on Facebook.

Let me tell you- just simply amazing creations are to be seen on their Facebook page. The best Spiderman Parody I have ever seen is there and just all kinds of amazaballs wonders. Go here and prepare to like everything they post! LOL


I saw this picture in particular and felt the inspiration to make a dress like it. The faces they draw are also the best you will see bar none.


I decided to make a Little Bo Peep, yes it started out as a Cinderella- and then it morphed as a result of my friend and artist Derek Williams. He commented on my pic on Facebook by saying, Little Bo Pop. I thought- hey- that would be awesome to make a Shaun the Sheep parody and shepherd crook and put it all together. He is a freaking genius!

And I am proud to say that the Shaun the Sheep Parody I made is a Patricia Balloona Original Construction Design.

So enough talk, now pictures. I realized the dress was not fixed right so I fixed it and took more pics and added them at the bottom. It might be something no one would hardly notice but it bothered me greatly,lol.

2013-07-05 12.44.34

2013-07-05 12.19.542013-07-05 12.20.362013-07-04 17.45.182013-07-05 23.37.37



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  1. Wow how adorable!!! That dress made of rounds is a supersweet idea. That Serta Counting Sheep is awesome!

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