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225th Balloon Sculpture, Pirate Mask


Nifty Balloons has an awesome mask tutorial bundle with 14 designs for $35.00 that can be purchased here=

Their tutorials are top notch and have the highest productions values I have seen yet. They are very clear and the steps are way approachable save for you may need practice making sidewall bubbles. What I really love about these is that once you learn the foundations structure it really opens up all kinds of possibilities. These are sooo much fun to make and get a very excited reception from people.

I highly recommend it! Preview of masks video here,

I am loving my purchase!

I made the pirate and really love it.  I don’t think I made any changes other than the substitutes I had to make, with the exception that I hid the pinch twist at the top of the forehead to make for an even cleaner look. My substitutions= they show you a black balloon with a skull already printed on it, I had to draw mine on. I also did not have a gold 160 and had to use a silver for the earring. I did leave out the ball like garnish on the sword accessory as I didn’t feel like drawing that small of a skull and bones,lol.

I took the pirate mask and sword to the place where my daughter gets occupational therapy. The employees just loved it and took pictures of each other wearing it. There was a little boy who had written me a note asking for a sword the week before, I had made balloons for kids and employees the week before while in the waiting room and apparently he missed out. He was there when I brought in the pirate goodies and I gave him the sword without knowing about the note. I was then given the note afterwards. It was such a touching moment.  It really made the little boy’s day and I love that he got not just any sword, but a mega sword! I will keep that note forever. 🙂

Enough yapping, now pictures! My husband modeling it below.

Note, I later pushed the mouth out some and it completely hid and got rid of all gaps.





224th Balloon Sculpture, Giant Balloon Dog, White Version


This isn’t a new sculpture, I have made it before but I made it again with some changes. I learned the design from Happy Cabbie on YouTube. It is a great design and easy to make as well as fun. If you want a big wow factor in not hardly any time, this is a terrific design.

I made a few alterations which can be seen in pictures compared to video.

I made this white version for a recent stint at Earth Fare and man was it a HUGE HIT,lol. Yes this balloon dog will hunt,lol.

Below are pics, I didn’t have my digital camera unfortunately so these were the best I could get.

2013-07-26 10.52.34

The white part showing around the nose cannot be seen from the other side like int he picture above. I had to take more photos from this side because of lighting issues,lol.


2013-07-25 20.15.19

Twist and Talk Balloon Puppet System, Twist-A-Tronix!


OMG- so I was doing some homework on Don Caldwell aka Buster Balloons as I know of him but I haven’t been to any of his workshops and just from what I can tell it seems you get more of an idea of what his work entails if you buy his dvd’s or go to his workshops. Remember most of my balloon twisting awareness comes via free tutorials on YouTube. I am just now starting to become aware of the to pay for tutorials and even my awareness there comes via the free YouTube tutorials who market the to pay for tutorials,lol.

Example, If it wasn’t for Michael Floyd’s free tutorials on YouTube and his link to his store within those videos- I might never have found out about Nifty Balloons= or at least it would have delayed my awareness greatly.

Buster does have some free tutorials on YouTube. I just haven’t come across them much in my personal searches for designs.

When I put a search on Buster on YouTube this Twist-A-Tronix video came up and I was instantly intrigued.

Not only does Don have some free tutorials for making a puppet for this electronic puppet device, so does David Brenion. And they are going on tour together this year- Their Tour is called TJam on the Road Sets up Camp. Looks like a ton of fun!

This thing is really cool and is price marked at $149.95 and can be purchased at this website=

I totally want to get one some day. Oh there are sooo many shiny things when it comes to balloons!

Here is a video of a puppet in action. The below puppet was twisted by David Brenion and I believe the maker of the system Steve Axtell is in the video below as well.

Here are links to Buster’s YouTube tutorials for his monkey which I would love to replicate period as it is really cute and perhaps it could be used as a hand puppet. I am not sure- but anywho I would like to practice the techniques he uses for puppet making. Part 3 is showing other alternatives that are pretty dang cool. the way he uses hearts is really neat and I look forward to playing around with the designs and seeing if I can replicate them.

Here are the links to Buster’s Tutorials for the Twist-A-Trnix

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

223rd Balloon Sculpture, Toy Plane


Unicaw89 aka Cody Williams has a really fun toy plane design. Link to his tutorial for it here

I made a few modifications:

I added a scarf and I used a 160 for the front propeller and made it overall smaller.

I also made the tail fins more intricate. For a later version, pics to come later, I found that it is possible to use one balloon for the whole plane body but instead of a loop for the middle fin- you just use the leftover sausage twist after making the two loop twists.

I left out the pinch twists after the bird body to achieve making a plane body with one balloon. To keep the pilot head in- you can just make a bubble around the nozzle and fit the bubble inside the bird body.

I found doing the modifications above made it even faster to make.
I just handed them out without the clear balloon handle when making balloons for kiddies recently. I think if one were to put two pinch twists in the clear balloon and attach it to the plane that that would work.

Below is my replication.
I will add more pics of the one without pinch twists later. The below required two balloons for the plane body. This is a great design and it is fun to make and it made for an instant hit when I made them for a gig recently.

This also makes for a great and quick dragonfly. I just left the tail alone and added eyeballs between that first bubble and bird-body. Pics of that to come later. I had some little boys request a dragon-fly while I was passing out some planes. They were very happy with it.




222nd Balloon Sculpture, Dog Mask


I have posted before about Nifty Balloons amazaballs mask tutorials, a 14 mask design package available for purchase for $35.00 at this site=

I started out with the monkey, see post 218 on my blog. There is also this YouTube commercial for their masks.

This time I made the dog and boy howdy is it cute! This mask comes with a paw accessory. I realize now that with the monkey- there should be a banana accessory.

Nifty Balloons have the highest production values I have seen yet for tutorials and they are extremely polished. Very great instructors and crisp clear videos with fun and pizazz.

I found this design to be very replication friendly and constructing it with these bigger balloons I found to be way easier this time. I still struggled some with the 646, but the 350’s I totally manipulated and wrangled much faster and with much more ease. So don’t be discouraged at all if you are slow going at first, you just need practice.

My replication below with pics of my hubby modeling it. I added an extra hair loop.

Dogs Rule! Yes I am a dog person. A dog look up to you and says, wow, you feed me, you love me, you take care of me, YOU must be God. A cat look at you and says, wow, you feed, you love me, you take care of me, I must be God,lol.



2013-07-25 09.39.52

221st Balloon Sculpture, Simple Plane


I came across Michael Floyd’s plane tutorial on YouTube= link to it here, It is a more simple modern plane balloon design.

It is a pretty good tutorial and design but I do not like doing it the way he instructs it. Perhaps I need more practice but it just doesn’t feel twisting friendly. I don’t like twisting pinch twists into each other if that makes any sense. I can’t really describe it well, when you watch the tutorial- all I can say is that I prefer to do it the long way- one wing at a time and twisting it into the main plane balloon one wing at a time.

I really like Michael and he has lots of really cool and solid and replication friendly designs. While this one I don’t find to be as friendly for me to do- and again I may just need practice- I just want to make sure you readers know that he has plenty that are really twisting friendly and though easy still deliver on the wow factor. While I am not in love with this design I still think it is useful and makes for a nice simple plane to make.

He is a very good instructor and goes at a very considerate pace and his production quality for his tutorials are excellent. He is very good about making very clear and easy to follow tutorials.

Here are pictures of my replication of his design.




219nth and 220nth Balloon Sculptures, Despicable Me Minion Different Versions


Unicaw89, aka Cody Williams, has a really cool Despicable Me Minion tutorial on Youtube=
He is quite a character. His teaching approach and personality just works well for him in my opinion. He is a bit of a show off, tries almost a little too hard to entertain you and be funny, and you can tell he is a daredevil and is a high sensory seeker. It’s like he is a real life Bart Simpson only with goals and a drive to succeed,lol. It just works for him and he is likable, he pulls it off in my opinion. I enjoy his tutorials and look forward to replicating and reviewing more of his designs.

Now I made some changes. In my first iteration and replication of his design I added a little pocket that almost looks like a teddy bear head. I also took a clear 350, drew an eyeball on one side, then took a silver 160 and made an eyepiece. The effect is quite cool in my opinion. I also used an un-inflated 350 for the band for eyepiece and drew on hair and added black hands as the minion characters wear black gloves.

The head was a bit too long in the first iteration and I was curious what it would look like without the black running between both legs.


Second Iteration, I adjusted head proportion and also tried making overalls look more I guess you would say smile shaped. It connects to the x in the overalls of his design with the black round balloon. There is not connection between feet. I realize that I made the legs too long in both iterations.


Third Iteration, I changed it around some. I got rid of the pinch twists in the front- and the criss cross x in the front. I tied the end of the black round to two ties each connecting to the opposite pinch twist for the pant as it were.and I made the middle of the overalls a bit too big but other than that I am liking it. I also used 260’s for the legs and feet as well rather tan 350’s. I am still not satisfied though and will come back to this a different day. I might play around with 160’s for the middle of the overall part next time or do some combination.