201st and 202nd Balloon Sculpture, Flag with Post and Bald Eagle


Thursday the 27nth of June was my 9 month balloon twisting anniversary and I had a gig at Earth Fare that day well as my first assisted living balloon gig.

I wanted to do something special and festive for Independence Day coming up.

I made my first flag thanks to Michael Langerman’s USA flag tutorial on Youtube,


I also made my first Bald Eagle, which I adapted Andre Nolle’s Phoenix design, Youtube tutorial link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYpD8fV6ZuE, to make.

I made a flower weave for the neck and made the curves pointy to go for a jagged design that bald eagles have.

I made a flag pole also thanks to my experience from making Andre Nolle’s Column design that I learned, link to Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QI3QcDY4yU. As you will see, I adapted it just a little bit on the top as the eagle rested on the top.

It was a hit and I am so glad that everything worked out and the three pieces could work together!

And yes, there are 50 stars painted on the flag and 13 stripes! 🙂

Enough talk, now pics.


My husband and daughter are in pic below. I love this picture!






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  1. Wow how gorgeous! I seem to recall you saying you wanted to make a bald eagle after you first made the Phoenix. Great job! Do you ever worry about twisting so much that you get arthritis??? It is actually a serious question; it is a concern I have with twisting in general.

    • Oh thank you! I am so glad you like it and great memory, Sage! Yeah I know carpal tunnel is a huge issue and concern especially. I am going to look into exercises perhaps that I can do to help lessen that issue. I know when I watched Brian Asman had his carpal tunnel treated with acupuncture on the show the Unpoppables.

      It is one of those risks that I am willing to take but yeah- it is a concern for sure.

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