200nth Balloon Sculpture, Ferris Wheel

200nth Balloon Sculpture, Ferris Wheel

I remember seeing Roger Lander’s Youtube video months ago and just being astounded at his balloon ferris wheel!

Link to it below.


Is that not just absolutely fabulous awesome sauce?!

I was hired for another VBS job and they had a carnival theme so I had to try to figure this thing out and bring it! I made balloon goodies for the kiddos and they loved everything which made me feel so good! I love it when they love their creations so much that they run to you and give you a giant hug! That cannot help but make your day!

I think I went about making the ferris wheel the harder way and started with the places that are yellow. I should have done the blue part first and then proceeded from there.

I needed to make it wider but other than that I think I did okay considering this was my first go of it.

The lovely Karen demonstrates it moving in this video on this link on my Facebook page. You can video of it in motion there. I figured out to get it to move as best as I could but I feel I am missing some little nuances.

Everyone just went crazy over this balloon! It was a huge hit!


Now for Pics.

2013-06-21 18.07.19

2013-06-21 18.07.22


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