199nth Balloon Sculpture, Church VBS Decor with Jesus, Fishes and Loaves and Rainbow.


The moment I got into Chattanooga the evening that I got back from my trip to Ohio I got a text from a lady asking me if I was still coming the next day to do decorations. I am not exaggerating either- the very moment we got into Chattanooga I got her text. It was hilarious!

She had Facebook messaged me about prices for decorations but never told me the date of the event and I never knew I was for sure hired,lol. She had messaged me back letting me know I was hired the day I left for Ohio and I didn’t have wifi for about a week. I texted her back and let her know that I had the balloons I needed and that I was up for the task.

I am sooo glad she texted me! She is a kind person. I am very glad to have met her.

So the next morning I had to figure out how to make a Jesus, a Rainbow connecting two columns, and a Basket with 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes.

I woke up early and got started. I had never made a rainbow before and it needed to be quite large. I had also never tried hanging something from the middle of two columns. I also needed to make a tall Jesus and a basket with 5 loaves and 2 fish.

I had to be there at the church by 4 to set up and be done by 6 p.m.

To make matters more hectic, my daughter had an occupational therapy appointment that morning as well. That took 3 balloon making hours away from me.

I managed to do everything in time. It was another miracle involving Jesus,lol.

Now next time I will play around with the face more and start practicing different face designs. I also would push the columns closer together and make the rainbow higher. I meant to push up Jesus’s arms around the neck and have the arms come down on the sides.  They also wanted a boat for a prop. I added an angel too because hey why not,lol. It was a great learning experience especially where I have to think on my feet and just come up with stuff that I have never made before. All in all I managed to get 8 hours of balloon work in to make this. That is including setup and driving and all that jazz,lol.

I like that I put hearts in Jesus’s hands.

Everyone loved it and everyone was super sweet, warm and wonderful.  It was a Spanish speaking church and so the banner you will see below says the “Miracles of Jesus” in Spanish.

Below are pics of what I came up with.

2013-06-17 18.10.51


I added one more 5 inch white round to make the rainbow perfect and I added it after this picture was taken, otherwise I would totally love this picture,lol. See if you can tell the difference between this photo and the consequent ones,lol. Also I hated that the boat fell over in this picture,lol. Otherwise it is beautiful,lol. My digital camera ran out of battery after this picture too,lol. I had to resort to the ipod for later pics,lol.


2013-06-17 17.53.32

2013-06-17 18.08.15


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