198th Balloon Sculpture, La La Loopsy Parody


It was my daughter’s birthday just a week or two ago and so we had a little birthday party for her at Pink Sparkle Spa.

She and her friends got a manicure and a sparkle tattoo. It was really cool. They do a great job and it is a really fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it!


I of course had to make balloon goodies for the kiddos. I also made my first attempt at a La La Loopsy parody for my daughter. I want to make further iterations but this is what I came up with for the party. I also played around with ballerina designs, I took some influences from Andre Nolle. The La La Loopsy Parody I tried using what I learned from making Nifty Balloons Sundae Float thing only upside down. I found that using 5 hearts for a ballerina skirt works much better than 4.

2013-06-07 16.31.04


2013-06-07 16.31.27

2013-06-07 16.31.07

They had a blast!

2013-06-07 17.32.08








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