196th Balloon Sculpture, Mr Hankey Parody


(Warning, this post contains images that are quite juvenile and may decrease your i.q. just by looking at them and this whole post should not be read by anyone.)

Well folks, I just got back from a trip to Ohio. It was my daughter’s first trip ever! First car trip and first time at a hotel. She did amazingly well! We were so relieved!

I brought my balloons and of course made balloon sculptures,lol. I took a break from the blog mostly because I knew I wouldn’t have wifi,lol.

The first thing I made was a Mr. Hankey parody that I dedicate to my pal Derek.

It is a really crappy balloon,lol.

Derek had a post on Facebook where you imagine that you are in an insane asylum and pick the first eight people in your chat list and then put them accordingly to silly activities already written. The last one was, Person making a sculpture out of poo, and you would put the name of the 8th person in your chat there,lol. It got me thinking…. about poo, sculptures and balloons,lol.

So I decided, Hey! I should make a balloon Mr. Hankey Parody!

So I did! And when Derek finally got to see a pic of it, he was much pleased and all became right with the world  if only for a moment. 🙂

Here are the pics, notice the potty humor,lol.

I put it on the toilet for my husband to find. He thought it was gross. I thought it was HILARIOUS!

2013-06-14 00.08.32





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