Been on a break, will come back with a force next week.


Sorry I haven’t posted in about a week and it probably won’t be until next week I start back up again.

I haven’t lost my passion and the flame still shines.

June is just a crazy hectic month because of the number of birthdays in my family and my anniversary and Father’s Day.

I also need to buy another memory card for my camera and clean out and make space on my iPod because they are completely full!


So in summation, I will be posting like crazy and will resume my obsession full speed next week, lol.

Happy Twisting 🙂


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  1. Lol folks I can attest to the fact that Patricia has been working non-stop on this site for the last 9 months! Finally time for a wee break. Makes you wonder how the 365 balloon-a-day folks do it!!! This is my favorite balloon knowledge resource on the Internet, thank you!

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