195th Balloon Sculpture, Sponge Robert Quadrilateral Trowsers


I remember  6 or 7 months ago- when I first started watching Felix Yoldi on Youtube and came  across his Sponge design, I just thought – Wow! His I have just always thought was the best Sponge design that I have ever seen.

Link to his video here=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLVsnrS4fFw&list=PLXDkugfVlIvxFLq06tOPVH-SmyXuYzfid

He doesn’t show you how to make it, and he speaks Spanish and I do not, so I don’t know if he is verbally walking you through it or not,lol.

I just looked at the video very carefully and figured it out. I made Dylan Gelinas style hands for him and that is really the only change I made.

A funny thing happened to me, I made this balloon last night and this morning I had terrible pain in my left jaw. I went in to see my dentist and it turns out I am teething from a wisdom tooth coming in and the gums there are infected. I brought in this balloon as a gift to him, and they had a Sponge book in the lobby. Man! How perfect is that! They took him and put him next to the book by the receptionists where you could see it in the waiting room.

I have had several names for him. Sponge Robert Square Slacks, Sponge Robert Rectangle Britches, but I just really liked Sponge Robert Quadrilateral Trowsers the best,lol.

Quadrilateral, in Euclidean plane geometry, a quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides (or edges) and four vertices or corners.

Pics Below!

To give you an idea of size. This thing is about 4ft tall,lol.





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