194th Balloon Sculpture, Horse Carousel.


I came across a picture of a horse carousel a while ago made by
imnotaclown. Needless to say, I loved it!

He is from Massachusetts. Link to his website=


I had to figure things out on my own the best that I could and I added my own “twist” to it, lol.

It looks to me that he made side wall bubbles out of rounds, big rounds! I just learned how to do a sidewall bubble on a 260 which I thought insane but big round balloons! Oh man it hurt my hands so much to even try.

I put 2 raisins in each round balloon and left some ties and tied them to each other, lol.

I also attempted to make it look like the black horses were the carousel horses that go up while the other horses go down.

This took me like 6 hours to experiment and tinker and create.

I just love it!

Thank you I’m not a clown for creating this piece because it is so awesome that I just had to have it in my personal living room!

Pic of his original design.


Pictures of my version of his design.




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    • No man, I looked at tmeyers and la rocks and no one that I have found has large hearts in any other colors than love assortment which is white, red and pink.

      • I guess tmyers quit carrying them. I would have thought larocks would have them. I had some 16 inch purple but used them up and have not needed any more.

    • I thought that at first but I can’t find large hearts any other colors than white, red and pink, lol. To me he had to have used rounds, lol. Where did he get large hearts in those colors?

      That would make me feel better if he used hearts as that would be much more doable not to mention there is hope for large hearts being available in more colors, lol.

      • Those definitely look like hearts, but could it possibly be just a 17″ or something that is underinflated with the two bubbles sticking out of each like a heart? Another possibility is that he used Mickey mouse head balloons. The only thing I can realistically think of is that he did use rounds and used peas inside but then added the corresponding colors in the reverse bubble color palette afterward to look nice. Hearts honestly seem like the obvious choice, but you are right, I cannot find them either.

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