192nd Balloon Sculpture, Dylan Gelinas’ Magic Mouse.


Dylan Gelinas has a pretty amazing PDF tutorial for a design called Magic Mouse available for $15.00 on his store website=


The PDF is very well done except the lighting of the PDF should be brighter, it was a bit too dark- but you can still follow instructions.

Now I made just a tiny bit of modifications. I got my first geo’s the other day but these suckers are expensive, like $13.00 for only 25,lol.

I found that this design can really get by beautifully without a geo,lol.

I made my neck area differently because I wanted my mouse to look forward and also look right considering he is standing straight up. I also used different sized balloons for little details due to shortness of supply.

I found that you can make the mouse stand up just fine by how you manipulate the cape.

I am really excited because I managed to make a sidewall bubble on a 260! I jumped up and down and was so excited by that!

This design is very fun to make and introduced totally new techniques to me which I always find very exciting!

Here is a picture of Dylan’s Magic Mouse=


Here are pictures of my first replication of his design.







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  1. I loved learning this design. I bought this the day after I saw your interview with him. I always buy something from the artists you interview.

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