191st Balloon Sculpture, Doves Kissing Display.


I had an order for some doves kissing as a gift for a wedding. I was told that the wedding colors were yellow and white.

I looked around at doves kissing designs but did not really like any that I found.

So, I came up with the below.

I am excited to say that this is a Patricia
Balloona original design.

The doves kissing in a heart isn’t original but the dove design is my design, lol. I think I did well on coming up with the whole arrangement. I am going to slightly tweak the belly area and the wing area next time just to get proportions better and make it even cleaner.

This is a rather large design and required a two balloon heart. I just made a pinch twist on each end and twisted together at the other end. I just did the typical shmooshing of the middle to make it heart shaped.
It was really fun to make!

Below are pics.





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