190nth Balloon Sculpture, Soldier in White Dress Uniform


Well folks, Memorial Day is coming up so I decided on making a balloon Solider in white uniform for Earthfare of Chattanooga to display.

I looked online for  soldier uniforms and decided to use this picture below as a reference.


I also looked online for Prince balloon sculptures and came up with this image. This is from BalloonClick.com. I guess there is a tutorial for it. It seems to be an online club where you pay to join but get access to designs like these. I need to sign up! I will next month. I would love to learn how to do the head especially! I just figured out how to do the chest and arms on my own as best as I could. I made more detailed hands. Link to site from which this pic is from=http://click.balloonmaster.com/?page_id=104


So I had a bit of a time crunch and would have done some things differently that I will do next time. The round balloon on the top of the hat should not be showing, I need to make it smaller next time. The round balloon is key to attaching hat to the head, at least the way I approached it.

I also wanted to make it look like he was saluting, I needed to make the shoulder pad area, as it were, longer or perhaps put some pinch twists in the elbow area. Wih a 646- getting it to stay more curved was an issue so I just gave up on it for next time. I only had one white 646 left and I wanted to save that for emergency, I didn’t want to risk using it for a new arm.

I also would have made the head tilting up more and or moved the hat a little further back.

I attempted making him look like he had a cleft chin.

The hands I learned from Andre Nolle in his Rockstar tutorial, about 55 minutes into it he does the hands= http://click.balloonmaster.com/?page_id=104.

You can also tell that I used techniques I learned from Dylan Gelinas’ Bartleby the Leprechaun pdf tutorial= http://slightlytwistedballoons.com/store.html.

Having done the Cat in the Hat display I did- I thought it would be great to have him coming out of a column of red, white and blue balloons. That made the standing up less of an issue,lol. Plus I think it just looks really cool!

Enough talk, and now pictures.


The lovely Eadress modeling below.






I love this picture of Eadress looking at him below,lol.



View from lower perspective below.




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