189nth Balloon Sculpture, Starship Enterprise Parody Hat


Friends and I were getting together for a big Star Trek Into Darkness movie night out and I HAD to make a balloon Starship Enterprise parody hat or I would die!

Yes, as soon as I walked into the theatre, if I wasn’t wearing an Enterprise parody balloon hat, lightning would strike me dead right then and there as it would have been an unforgivable sacrilege!

I googled Balloon Starship Enterprise and Rob Driscoll’s work came right up.

He did a terrific job and has a cool blog about balloon twisting as well called My Daily Balloon. http://mydailyballoon.blogspot.co.uk/

His photo’s that I used for reference=

130 - USS Enterprise


Now I did several modifications. For one thing I turned it into a hat. Secondly I used grey balloons but after making the grey I think the white looks better. Thirdly I put a light inside the middle bottom part and glow sticks inside the thruster things on the sides. It was really cool to see it glow in the theatre, don’t worry, I took it off my head and put it on my lap during the movie,lol. The pictures I took don’t really show just how cool the glows were!

Sadly I did not have grey 11 or 5 inch rounds and so just had silver 11 inch rounds to work with this design.

I barely made the thing in time for the movie,lol. Mine didn’t come out as clean as Rob’s but hey- this  was my first go and I had a major time crunch. It is also tricky when you try to figure out how another person did something.

While waiting for friends in the lobby- I joked with people and told them that I was there to see Gatsby,lol. It got a huge reaction from people and made the event so much more fun and well, eventful,lol.

Here are the pics.

2013-05-19 15.43.52

2013-05-19 15.44.20

2013-05-19 15.44.46

2013-05-19 15.45.09

2013-05-19 15.48.57

Now for Balloon Hat Fun at the movies! What was cool about the theatre we went to is that there was a captain’s chair in the lobby,lol. I loved everyone who went- and we had such an awesome group!





2013-05-19 19.30.25


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