188th Balloon Sculpture, Cat in the Hat Display


I came across With A Twist Balloon Creations’ Cat in the Hat display and got inspired. They do wonderful work!

I had my first library gig today and thought, hey, I should do a Cat in the Hat Display for them!

I decided to make a giant Cat in the Hat holding Norval the fish in the fishbowl and of course I had to bring those flowers that I love to make,lol.

I adapted With A Twist’s design and added my own twist by making it so that the Cat comes out of the column, which makes it nice because I made legs for him but getting him to stand up was a nightmare,lol. Necessity is the mother of invention!

There are things that I would adapt, I would have done some measuring tweaks but overall I am happy with the design concept and how it came out. Not bad for a first try with a project of this size.

Everyone loved it and the people at the library were so surprised that I was leaving it there with them, they were so happy and taken back.

Spreading balloon happiness is my mission and I am so happy that my display has such a worthy and happy home!

This is at the South Branch Chattanooga Public Library in St. Elmo.

What an awesome group of folks that work there!

I had so much fun making balloons for the kiddos!

The bow tie, I got the idea for using hearts from ChiTwister from YouTube, link to come later. I did mine differently but got the idea to use hearts for a bow tie from him.

I am not sure if I am the first to take on a more precise Norval the Fish or not, I need to check that out.

I used uninflated hearts and glue dotted them to the fish for his fin hands as it were. It worked out really well. A 160 for the fins on his back via raisin twist. I used an orange 5 inch round for the body.

Now Pictures!

Here is the inspiration piece by With A Twist Balloons, referencing their site here, http://www.withatwist.ca/. They are a California company.

I got the pictures from here on their site.



Now for my version=











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